CyberGym Opens First U.S. Cybersecurity Training Arena


Cybergym announced the opening of its first U.S. cyber training arena as the latest among its global network of facilities where organizations can test and qualify their cybersecurity technologies and policies – focusing on their people, using an emulation of their business systems and real attacks and attackers.

CyberGym NYC will feature human-centered training and qualification programs based on models of the latest cyber attacks against financial, insurance, critical infrastructure, utility and government organizations. The arena is part of a network of the CyberGym World Cyber Warfare Arena, which includes arenas across Europe Asia and Australia.

CyberGym NYC provides sophisticated cybersecurity training and technologies with the benefit of a remote arena, where organizations can safely train against real-world cyber-attack scenarios. Bringing a cyber breach to life, in front of the multiple departments and managers allows a deeper understanding of the organization’s real capacity to prevent, manage and mitigate attacks.

Programs at each arena are designed by Cybergym cyberattack and response experts. A CyberGym training program can be designed to mirror the IT and OT of the client, which provides realistic scenarios without the risk of exposing the actual network.

Organizations such as NATO, Hitachi, Millenium BCP Bank, and Microsoft train their employees using CyberGym’s program of head-to-head, red team versus blue team attack scenarios. CyberGym NYC’s unique connection to the World Cyber Warfare Arena provides the NY based organizations to use multiple facilities for scenarios that train remote teams against international teams of cyber experts and hackers from the company’s global network.

CyberGym programs are developed and continuously updated based on operational experience. That includes former officers of Unit 8200, the Israel Defense Force cyber defense unit, as well as architects of the cyber defense strategy that protects the Israeli Electricity Corporation, one of the most attacked organizations worldwide.

“In a situation where the cost of defense climbs but the entry-level of attacks decline, knowing how your people measure in real-life attacks is as important as the technology used to defend the network” said Hason. “As we’ve seen time and again, the human factor is the weakest link in both prevention and mitigation, so our programs begin with the people.”

Founded in 2013, CyberGym conducts cyber-warfare preparedness training for government and private enterprises with a global network of World Cyber Warfare Arenas offering programs that focus on the weakest link in any emergency response system – the people who run it. Led by teams of international intelligence veterans, CyberGym provides tailored, scenario-based training that enables service providers, governments and consulting firms to set up and manage cyber security training centers.

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