DigitalPersona Fingerprint Biometric Solutions Improve Security And Service In Latin America Banks


DigitalPersona, Inc., a trusted partner for biometric identity verification solutions, announced that Coppel Corporation, a group of retail and finance companies, has chosen DigitalPersona® fingerprint technology to verify employee and customer identities in more than 800 banks and 1,000 Pension Fund Offices throughout Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Coppel Corporation also maintains similar biometrics-based solutions in its retail stores and warehouses throughout their corporate organization.

Coppel Corporation’s initial goal when deploying DigitalPersona fingerprint solutions was to improve customer service levels by simplifying the identification and authentication process in branch locations. Instead of undergoing a tedious document-based process, customers now simply place their finger on the DigitalPersona U.are.U ® fingerprint readers and their identities are confirmed instantly.

"Customers like the ease of use and assured identity that fingerprint technology provides them," said Ing. Jose Gpe. Mendoza Macias, national manager of systems development for Coppel Corporation. "The fraud-fighting benefit of knowing someone cannot purchase goods on their account is also very important to our customers." "

In addition to customer identification, the employees are using the biometrics-based systems to log into computer systems, authenticate transactions, process wire transfers, and more. The design of the solution is similar to systems deployed in retail locations, as well as Coppel Corporation’s headquarters.

The response from Coppel staff and customers has been overwhelmingly positive.[…]


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