Doordeck Joins PSIA Board

Looks to disrupt the access control market with PKOC implementation

Doordeck has joined the Board of the PSIA. The company has an innovative product that enables smartphone NFC keyless entry for buildings, regardless of which access control system is installed.  The company, based in London, England, was established in 2015, and its products and services have been integrated in buildings throughout the world. It is a subsidiary of Sentry Interactive of Austin, Texas.

“Our company is very excited to be joining the PSIA, considering its objective to put interoperability first,” said Marwan Kathayer, Head of Product & Co-Founder of Doordeck. 

“This aligns perfectly with our mission to provide mobile access software that is easy to integrate into disparate security ecosystems.”

Doordeck’s SDK and open APIs allow for interoperability with major access control system manufacturers, third-party building management and tenant experience applications. The Doordeck software also has the capability to bridge disparate systems within a building or across a portfolio under the one centralized platform

David Bunzel, PSIA Executive Director, shared,

“Doordeck is part of a growing number of companies looking to disrupt the access control industry. They recognize that the PSIA’s PKOC specification, with its asymmetric encryption, is superior to many legacy products which continue to rely on symmetric encryption technology. PKOC also offers an NFC card option to support applications where this technology continues to be utilized.” 

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) and a number of its partner companies will be present at the GSX show in September of 2024. 

For a better understanding of PKOC, the PSIA has added an Explainer Video to its site. This video is less than a minute and demonstrates how the PSIA’s PKOC specification works and will disrupt the access control market.

The PSIA approved its PKOC NFC Card Specificationin December of2023. Smart cards, featuring this specification are already available in commercial products. 

PKOC is featured in products from ELATEC, Kastle Systems, INID, JCI, Last Lock, rf IDEAS, SAFR Scan (RealNetworks), Sentry Enterprises, and Taglio.

For more information on PKOC and its open card and mobile credentials please look at the PKOC White Paper.

The PSIA has been active in developing and promoting open specifications that support interoperability in the physical and logical security industries. Industry publication, Security Technology Executive, declares interoperability

“The Next Great Phase of Physical Access Control.” expounds on the predicted demand for PACS interoperability by saying,

“Open protocols, standards and industry-accepted conformant products that focus on unbridled interoperability between manufacturers and vendors will be critical as advanced technology, such as analytics and ancillary devices, enter the realm of physical security and access control.”


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