Dortronics Showcase Innovative Mantrap and Touchless Door Control Solutions at ISC East

New Interlock Controller Provides Affordable Mantrap Solution for up to 9 Doors

Dortronics Systems is featuring its new 9-door controller for affordable multi door interlocks and mantrap applications from 2 to 9 doors as well as its complete line-up of touchless door control solutions here at ISC East 2021 in booth #1030.

All of Dortronics’ product design and manufacturing operations are located at the company’s Sag Harbor, NY headquarters, which gives the company a unique ability to offer custom-fabricate a wide range of door control products with fast turnaround times.

“Our new 48900 Series PLC interlock Controller answers users’ demand for a cost-effective and easy to install mantrap solution for specialized retail environments with high-value merchandise like jewelry, in cannabis dispensaries, or in clean room environments at bio-tech labs or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities,” said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager of Dortronics Systems, Inc.

“It’s a product developed in response to market demand, which has continued to differentiate Dortronics from the big box houses and offshore suppliers. At Dortronics, we specialize in delivering door control solutions with the performance, quality, and often customized features and aesthetics that installers need with fast turnaround times and at the right price.”

Dortronics’ 48900 PLC Interlock Controller is a cost-effective solution for implementing door interlock and mantrap systems with up to nine doors. Under standard operating conditions, unlocking or opening one door automatically secures other designated doors within the Interlock group. The fully integrated single-board solution provides installers with complete control of all operating and configuration options without the need for, and expense of, complex software. The 48900 Series PLC Interlock Controller integrates with virtually any access control system utilizing dry contacts.

Dortronics’ 48900 PLC Interlock Controller

Dortronics 5278 Touchless Proximity Switch utilizes optical infrared technology with embedded sensors to pick up motion within a 4-inch range with an illuminated LED ring for visibility under low-light conditions. A simple wave of the hand activates the touchless switch. The 5278 greatly decreases the potential to spread contagious diseases since no actual hand contact is required to activate. These switches are often utilized with electronic locks and automatic door operators. The 5278’s illuminated LED ring allows for visibility under low-light conditions. 

Dortronics 5278 Touchless Proximity Switch

Dortronics’ 6612 Request to Exit Motion Sensing Door Release provides safe and immediate hands-free door release and reliable fail-safe operation. It offers fast and accurate detection with easy field adjustments, plus range and sensitivity controls to assure maximum reliability. Dual relay outputs are available to redundantly cut power to the electromagnetic lock while simultaneously signaling an access control system to unlock the door. The 6612’s attractive, slim housing is ideal for mounting the unit inconspicuously above any door.

Dortronics’ 6612 Request to Exit Motion Sensing Door Release

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Dortronics Systems manufacturer of standard and customized access control products and locking hardware devices.

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