EnGenius Unveils the Switch Extender Series: A Transformative Solution for Seamless Ethernet and PoE Network Expansion and Connectivity

The brand-new series of cloud-managed Switch Extenders was designed to simplify network extension and enhance connectivity for Multi-Family, Senior Living, Student Housing, and Hospitality businesses, offering a powerful and cost-effective solution.

EnGenius announces the launch of their Switch Extender series starting with the EXT1105P. This cutting-edge solution is set to redefine how companies approach network expansion, engineered to meet the surging network extension demands of Multi-Family, Senior Living, Student Housing, and Hospitality businesses, including voice connectivity.

With its Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and multiple PSE output ports, the EXT1105P Switch Extender liberates businesses from the complexities and high costs associated with network cabling and power wiring and allowing them to effectively expand their networks.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Expanding networks, regardless of industry, poses significant hurdles, including:

  1. Physical Distance: Covering vast areas requires flexible, simplified, long-distance deployment solutions.
  2. Cost Constraints: Network expansion can be cost-prohibitive; the Switch Extender solution minimizes expenses.
  3. Power Availability: The Switch Extender series’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology effectively addresses power constraints and lack of power outlets.
  4. Deployment Complexity: Technical intricacies are reduced through user-friendly design, cloud management, and simple deployment.
  5. VLAN Trunking: Extending network segmentation to encompass every room, ensuring that each resident has VLAN-based personal networks within their apartments or dorms.

Powering Your Connectivity

The EXT1105P leverages PoE technology, enabling power transmission through PoE switches, making flexible installations in remote areas a reality. The Switch Extender also boasts Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) output capabilities, streamlining network expansion even in locations without power outlets, which allows seamless connectivity for various devices, including cameras, speakers, and access points.

Streamlined Management with EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius combines the Switch Extender series with its unified EnGenius Cloud solution for streamlined network management and offering an end-to-end networking solution. This integrated platform empowers administrators to efficiently oversee a range of EnGenius products, from Access Points and Switches to Gateways and PDUs, all in one centralized location, centralizing tasks to boost efficiency and cut operational costs.

Simplified onboarding and configuration templates eliminate the need for on-site visits, reducing deployment time and expenses. Immediate connectivity ensures businesses can optimize operations quickly and hassle-free. Added with EnGenius’ cloud-managed PDUs and their self-healing features, the Switch Extenders offer an efficient power management solution for any extensive environment.

CAPEX and OPEX Benefits

The switch extender family is an innovative solution that simplifies network infrastructure deployment while reducing capital and operational expenditures. Power delivery via Ethernet cables becomes easy and efficient, eliminating the need for certified electricians during deployment. The solutions support 60W Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) budget, connecting 3 to 4 Powered Devices, streamlining the installation process, and reducing labor hours and component costs.

The switch extender family is a reliable solution that extends its lifespan by eliminating essential components like power sources and fans. It has a potential Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 224,964 hours, making it highly reliable and long-lasting. Once installed, the devices require minimal to no repairs or routine maintenance, saving time and money while providing peace of mind.

Roger Liu, Vice President of EnGenius Technologies, expresses his excitement about the Switch Extender series: “We are delighted to introduce the Switch Extender series, an innovative and transformative product line that empowers businesses with simplified installations, cost-effective connectivity, and reliable performance. This series underscores EnGenius Technologies’ unwavering commitment to delivering efficient connectivity solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses across diverse industries.”

Key Features:

  • Quick-scan device register, remote monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Real-time system metrics, analytics, and remote configurations
  • IGMP snooping provides advanced multicast filtering & network efficiency
  • Spanning Tree (RSTP) that promotes high availability and loop-free topology within Ethernet networks.
  • Voice VLAN for fast, reliable deployment of VoIP services

The EXT1105P Switch Extender is scheduled to start shipping in the latter part of the fourth quarter in 2023.

EnGenius Technology is a leading global provider of connectivity solutions, delivering feature-rich, high-performance networking equipment for businesses and individuals. With a focus on innovation and simplicity, EnGenius has consistently introduced reliable and cutting-edge products that redefine wireless networking standards. EnGenius’ comprehensive and user-friend visit: engeniustech.com.

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Source: engeniustech.com