Evolon Insites 2.0 Revolutionizes Security with Proactive Capabilities

Evolon’s proactive video monitoring.

Evolon Technology announced the availability of Insites 2.0, the latest major release of its proactive video surveillance and monitoring platform. Packed with powerful features and enhancements, Insites 2.0 offers unprecedented capabilities for mobile applications, web platforms, and edge plugins, while introducing groundbreaking advancements in AI-driven security measures that propel a more proactive approach to risk management and safety.

The mobile application has received significant enhancements, including an “SOS” feature for emergency dispatch on demand. Users can now access mobile live view for Axis Communications and Hanwha Vision cameras and benefit from copilot AI-powered forensic searching, which includes talk-to-search functionality for easy and efficient footage retrieval.

Web platform updates have also made it easier for partners to monitor customer sites. The pro-monitoring account management tools simplify multi-customer management for video monitoring subscriptions and onboarding processes. Live view with Axis and Hanwha cameras adds additional scene context and forensic search helps users find what they need rapidly.

The Evolon Edge Plugin introduces new algorithms that enable scene noise-canceling sensitivity levels for improved clarity and control of active scene management. The plugin now supports live view for Evolon Insites on mobile and web platforms. Users can enhance cloud AI performance and capabilities by combining camera-level metadata with Evolon Edge’s output.

Evolon Labs’ investment in AI research is also demonstrated within Insites 2.0. Stakeholders benefit from added metadata on people and vehicles, which delivers more accurate scene analysis. These system advancements reduce false alarms by up to 95 percent for parked vehicles and provide proven cloud-AI classifications at more than 300 feet in low-light conditions.

“We’re thrilled to deliver Insites 2.0, a solution that redefines video monitoring for businesses of all sizes,” said Tom Galvin, CEO, Evolon.

“We have built a seamless, all-in-one platform where an enhanced mobile app, cutting-edge AI video analytics, and intuitive chat-based searches converge. Coupled with the robust support of professional monitoring, Insites 2.0 delivers unmatched versatility and power. With Insites 2.0, we’re taking security to the next level, making it more proactive and transformative than ever before.”

Evolon Insites is available through the Evolon and AlarmWatch certified dealer network.

Evolon provides advanced, highly accurate perimeter surveillance software technology for critical infrastructure protection and central station monitoring, and its patented software & analytics transform video security cameras and security systems into smart devices by eliminating nuisance alerts. Evolon’s award-winning edge-based video analytics and AI/deep learning solutions are fully scalable for commercial and government organizations that require real-time situational intelligence to enhance security effectiveness and to reduce the potential for loss due to criminal activity or business downtime. visit: evolontech.com

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Source: evolontech.com