Extreme Reality to Demonstrate Full-Body Motion Analysis Security Solutions to Authenticate an Individual and Detect Anomalous Activity


Extreme Reality announced that it will offer demonstrations today through Friday of its human authentication and anomalous behavior detection technology at the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West) 2014 in Las Vegas this week. Extreme Reality’s security solution which is retrofitted into already available 2D security cameras, works indoors as well as in full daylight, is not limited to close proximity, and performs seamless detection while a person is walking. The first demonstration will show how an individual’s biometric profile can be derived from the motion of their body. It will use a standard 2D camera, similar to the millions of surveillance cameras deployed globally, to capture the movement of visitors at Extreme Reality’s booth #33047. Visitors are welcome to test the system live and receive a short video clip of their skeleton motion capture. The second demonstration will focus on loss prevention, showcasing Extreme Reality’s technology that can analyze human body motions from an aerial point-of-view, similar to common security surveillance camera locations, to trigger alerts for anomalous, suspicious or irregular behavior. It will highlight a use case of loss prevention in casinos (a slot machine and a pachinko machine), where human body movement outside of the normal and pre-defined ways people interact with the machines will be flagged, and in retails stores. Extreme Reality has developed the only software-based technology to provide full-body 3D motion analysis through standard cameras. With 17 patents, this non-invasive technology extracts 3D motion from 2D cameras, and it has only recently…

Source: roboticstomorrow.com