First-ever Fully Containerized VMS Surveillance System Delivers IT Functionality

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Summary: Video management systems will always be a necessity for the majority of organizations. Fully containerized systems come equipped with all the frameworks, databases, and remote capabilities that any organization needs at the time of deployment, serving small local businesses and global enterprises.

Video surveillance is by no means a new addition to the security market, and in fact, is one of the few solutions that almost every vertical requires. However, because so many VMS systems deployed today are outdated and utilize older technology, most businesses are not experiencing the full scope of security across their organization as they could.

So what makes containerized VMS systems different from traditional VMS systems?

Containerized VMS systems have all the prerequisites pre-configured and installed for functionality and do not need any additional frameworks or database software, meaning they are ready to implement instantly. Because these systems do not have separate network or recording servers, deployments are hassle-free and built with complex global situations in mind.

“Containerized systems serve as a true enterprise solution that can scale regardless of an organization’s unique requirements and are capable of fitting into any sized environment. From a small business with one camera stream to a multi-site deployment with thousands of IP camera systems globally, containerized VMS systems create a scalable, simple to use, and robust solution that can be tailored exactly to fit the organization’s needs. ” – John Rezzonico, CEO, Edge360 & Surveill

Some of the questions John can answer:

  • What does a containerized VMS system deployment look like? How can it benefit my organization?
  • What is the importance of containerized video surveillance?
  • Are these systems on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-based?
  • What is the impact of these systems on the vertical markets?

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