WebRTC Server To Broadcast IP-Camera Video Streams


IP-cameras are standalone surveillance devices that do not require being connected to a computer. Such cameras have an IP address that a client can use to connect to that camera via a RTSP protocol and obtain video streaming data. And while this is usually enough for the purpose of video surveillance and monitoring, broadcasting a stream to multiple spectators requires better performance than an IP-camera could provide.

New WebRTC Media and Broadcasting Server developed by Flashphoner bridges the gap between an IP-camera and users’ browsers.

Such WebRTC server receives input video stream from the camera and broadcasts it to all connected users in real-time.

Since the WebRTC technology features low communication latency, the broadcasted video is more “live”.

Technically, WebRTC Media and Broadcasting Server is capable of broadcasting video from any RTSP-compatible IP-camera that supports H.264 and VP8 codecs for video, and G.711, Speex, and Opus for audio.

“Classic use of the new WebRTC technology implies browser-to-browser communications,” stated Alexey Kim, leading developer of the project, “On the other side, we propose a unique implementation of the technology that will certainly find application in video surveillance and massive broadcasting from IP-cameras.”

Source: live-pr.com

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