Fujifilm and iRODS Partner to Provide an Archive Solution that can Easily Scale to Handle Exponential Data Growth

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FUJIFILM announce a collaboration and integration, creating a joint solution built upon FUJIFILM Object Archive software and the iRODS data management platform.

This joint solution leverages the benefits of a tape storage tier for infrequently accessed “cold” data, providing an automated archiving workflow for research, commercial, and governmental organizations that require storing large and in most cases, rapidly growing amounts of data.

With this solution, FUJIFILM Object Archive becomes a deep-tier archive storage target while iRODS provides a data management platform for users who produce massive amounts of research and analytics data.

FUJIFILM’s Data Growth

FUJIFILM Object Archive software has been tested with the iRODS S3 plugin and fully supports the AMAZON S3 abstraction that iRODS provides. In addition to regular AMAZON S3 compatibility, Fujifilm and the iRODS Consortium worked together to add functionality comparable to AMAZON GLACIER to the iRODS S3 Resource Plugin.

This new functionality will be available as part of the upcoming iRODS 4.2.11 release.

Moving appropriate data to tape provides the benefits of air-gap security and scalability with lower data center operating costs and less electricity consumption when compared to other storage solutions. Additionally, FUJIFILM Object Archive software supports the new, higher-capacity LTO-9 tape technology, making the solution potentially even more efficient, economical, and scalable.

“We are very excited to be working with Fujifilm on the AMAZON GLACIER features,” said Terrell Russell, interim executive director of the iRODS Consortium.

“Together, we are building a long-term relationship that will be good for our users, and for both organizations.”

“The new interoperability between Fujifilm’s Object Archive software and the iRODS data management platform will greatly benefit organizations who use both products, and potentially create new use cases as well,” said Tom Nakatani, vice president of sales & marketing at FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc.

“We are pleased to successfully implement this joint solution for the benefit of our collaborators and users.”

FUJIFILM Object Archive software

Fujifilm is the world’s leading data tape manufacturer. Its FUJIFILM Object Archive software allows objects to be seamlessly written to and read from data tape media with Fujifilm’s OTFormat. Using the industry-standard AMAZON S3-compatible API, Object Archive software offers the same operability as cloud storage and easy long-term retention of data similar to AMAZON GLACIER.

By using FUJIFILM Object Archive software to optimize existing storage, organizations can eliminate egress fees, offload cold data to tape, maintain chain of custody, realize low ongoing storage costs, and help protect against cyber threats by providing a physical air-gap to data.

The iRODS Consortium is a membership-based organization that guides development and support of iRODS as free open-source software for data discovery, workflow automation, secure collaboration, and data virtualization.

FUJIFILM brings cutting edge solutions to a broad range of global industries by leveraging its depth of knowledge and fundamental technologies developed in its relentless pursuit of innovation. visit: www.fujifilmholdings.com

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