HID Global Showcases Driver’s Licenses for Mobile Wallets And Innovative Card Design at AAMVA Conference

Company will show members of the motor vehicle and law enforcement community how to get the most from solutions for creating, issuing, and managing government credentials

HID Global announced it will showcase its products and solutions at the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Annual International Conference (AIC).

The company will display its HID goID™ solution for issuing mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) in an environment of evolving standards, and its novel card designs that have set a global standard for uncompromised security.   

“A growing number of U.S. states are piloting and navigating the hurdles to launching mobile driver’s licenses, and we will be sharing how our solutions meet the ten essential requirements for their development,” said Kathryn Alsbrooks, Director of Government ID Solutions with HID Global.

“We also will be exhibiting customer collaborations and innovative engineering behind our award-winning solutions, which for more than two decades has proved the critical importance of multi-layered security for ensuring that these ID cards are fraud resistant.”

WHAT: HID will exhibit the following solutions at AAMVA AIC:

  • mDLs for mobile wallets – HID Global’s goID enables mDL issuance, lifecycle management and verification while supporting current and future standards. The company enables states to build solutions that maximize convenience while safeguarding driver data.
  • ID card design and development – HID Global will display its award-winning, multi-layered anti-counterfeiting design strategies


  • The HID Global booth #12 and 13, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, Maryland, September 13-15, 2022.

HID Global powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things. They make it possible for people to transact safely, work productively and travel freely. Their trusted identity solutions give people convenient access to physical and digital places and connect things that can be identified, verified and tracked digitally. visit www.hidglobal.com.

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Source: hidglobal.com

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