iDENT and Limitless Integrations adds PATSCAN Platform to its Mobile Onsite Detection System for Stadiums & Event Venues


The iDENT MODSTM to Use Patriot One’s Threat Detection Solutions to Help Instill Event Goer Confidence to Return to Their Favorite Entertainment and Sporting Programs

iDENT LLC and Limitless Integrations LLC announced the launch of the patent pending iDENT MODSTM (Mobile Onsite Detection System) that will include Patriot One Technologies Inc.’s (TSX: PAT) (OTCQX: PTOTF) (FRANKFURT: 0PL) (“Patriot One”) PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform with specific modules for the early detection of weapons and potential-health related threats, such as viruses.  The iDENT MODS unit has been designed to be used in key public gathering locations, such as stadiums, arenas, entertainment venues, and other secure facilities.

Leaders from the entertainment, professional sports, and events industries have expressed great interest in the iDENT MODS units, and its inclusion of the PATSCAN Platform, to ensure a safe and secure environment for their patrons. The solution will be showcased over the next several months, with the intent to restore trust and confidence to their customers and allow staff and talent to return to work and play.

The iDENT MODS unit was specifically designed in response to key entertainment and professional sports clients who were looking for an all-inclusive physical threat and health safety solution that could be used to re-open their venues safely and securely.   The goal was to minimize time and inconvenience for all event goers, and venue staff at onsite security checkpoints, while providing enhanced safety and security at the venue.

“These iDENT MODS offer event promoters and venue operators a touchless and frictionless security screening process for up to 1800 people per lane per hour,” explained Albert Reynolds, iDENT’s COO and Co-founder. 

“Our two (2) or six (6) lane units offer great options for front of house or back of house screening to ensure customer, staff and talent safety and security as they attend their favorite programs.”

By incorporating the PATSCAN Platform’s innovative AI-powered threat detection solutions, visitors to event or sports venue can be quickly screened for visible and concealed threats at the outer perimeter of facilities’ plazas, so when entering the secure area all are ensured a great experience.   The PATSCAN solutions leverage advanced AI capabilities, correlating data from multiple sensing devices, in near-real time, allowing for very high accuracy, and a pre-emptive approach to minimizing or eliminating risk. 

By looking for, and identifying risks first, and then identifying individuals, the solution also protects all attendee’s privacy and civil liberties.  If a threat is detected, whether associated with weapons, or health risks, onsite security will be immediately notified, and the individual will be flagged for additional screening before gaining access to the stadium or arena.

“Opening up event venues is critical to our communities from both an economic and social perspective,” expressed Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One,

“Incorporating our PATSCAN platform threat detection solutions into these mobile onsite detection units not only provides entertainment, hospitality and retail businesses the opportunity to return to work,  but it also provides event goers the confidence that they will be safe and secure as they return to their favorite entertainment and sporting events.”

The iDENT MODS are constructed from mobile shipping containers, which can be transported from one venue to another, and be quickly deployed.    Event goers, along with onsite venue staff and talent, simply walk through a mobile checkpoint in 4 simple steps without the need to empty their pockets of keys, cellphones, wallets, change or other personal items.

  • Step 1: As an event attendee approaches the iDENT MODS unit the PATSCAN VRS Weapon & Facial Mask video detection solutions identify potential visible threats in real-time.
  • Step 2: As the attendee passes through the unit, the PATSCAN MSG multi-sensor gateway instantly scans for concealed weapons, such as larger knives, guns and rifles.
  • Step 3: As the concealed weapon scan is taking place, the PATSCAN VRS-T solution scans for elevated body temperature, which may indicate a viral threat.
  • Step 4: As the event attendee prepares to leave the iDENT MODS unit, they swipe their event ticket across the contactless ticketing system. Saffire Tix and blockchain-based Health Passport from GetChkd Inc. have combined their technologies to create a portable contactless ticketing solution, which can be linked to an at home or on-site point of care test. Venues could require a negative COVID-19 test, health screening questionnaire, proof of identity and a temperature scan before an event goer and staff can attend and enter a stadium or an arena.
  • Threat Detected? If at any time during this 4-step screening process a threat should be detected, then onsite security are notified in real-time, and can move the individual to a secondary screening areas for further investigation prior to providing event access.

iDENT, LLC was formed to help create a seamless network between those who develop life-saving technology, those who deploy it, and those who can utilize it.  Acting as the keystone between technology and application; iDENT has played a vital role in connecting industry-leading companies.

Limitless Integrations offers reliable and professional security and safety solutions for large venue and private facilities, including the iDENT MODS mobile onsite detection system with partner iDENT LLC of California.

Patriot One’s mission is to deliver innovative threat detection and counter-terrorism solutions for safer communities.


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