Identiv to Establish Trust in Connected World With uTrust Verge Product Line at ASIS 2014


Identiv (NASDAQ: INVE), a global security technology company that provides trust solutions for premises, information, and everyday items, announced its presence at ASIS International 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Atlanta, GA, September 29 – October 2, 2014. At the conference, the company will unveil its uTrust Verge access control solution.

Designed to establish trust in the connected world, Identiv’s uTrust Verge is a network-connected power over ethernet (PoE) door access control solution that reduces the cost of ownership by leveraging existing network infrastructure. Buying and using uTrust Verge is simple and easy, as all key components are included as a complete package — controller, door reader, and management software. Identiv’s access control systems can be designed without geographical limitations and can be as small as one door or larger than 10,000 doors in a single system. uTrust Verge allows both trusted identities and legacy access cards to be used to gain secure access to premises.

Identiv’s uTrust Verge is unique in providing a true convergence between ethernet-connected access solutions and traditional access control solutions, such as the Identiv Digitrac and uTrust MX Controller product lines. uTrust Verge provides a single, powerful software management platform, allowing seamless mixing of traditional access panels with new IP-connected uTrust Verge systems.

The uTrust Verge hardware is comprised of a low-profile, discrete controller and dual-frequency highly secure door reader capable of reading more than 1,500 different credential types, including NFC-enabled mobile phones. It is powered by 12 or 24 VDC or PoE and is ideal for applications where the hardware is located in close proximity to the secured entry/equipment, or “edge”. The solution provides premises access control for doors, service entries, gates, turnstiles, and other building equipment, while monitoring users as they move around a facility, preventing unwanted access, maintaining compliance, and providing a robust audit trail. Each uTrust Verge can operate seamlessly without connection to the host server and with ample memory available for users and transaction records.

“uTrust Verge delivers the first international standards-based high-security solution for the networked market. It seamlessly integrates into existing installations and makes product selection simple because it includes the needed hardware and software and reads most legacy cards, key fobs, and NFC-enabled phones out of the box, all for a compelling low price,” said Jason Hart, Identiv CEO. “Identiv is focused on simplifying the purchasing decision for the customer by providing a complete system where all components are built and tested together.”

Identiv at ASIS 2014
An ASIS member, Identiv can be found throughout the conference presenting its trust solutions at ASIS 2014 booth #4654. On September 30 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM, Identiv is hosting a Trust Your World Reception for partners at the Glenn Hotel, with a presentation and Q&A from Jason Hart.


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