IDIS Americas Introduces Innovative I-Mobile Transit Video Security Solution

IDIS Americas announces the launch of its new I-Mobile System, ushering in a new era of advanced transit video surveillance. The new solution delivers high-performance 4K video resolution, ease of scalability and a highly intuitive user interface, providing high performance mobile security to businesses that operate transit and fleet companies.  

“Our innovative I-Mobile System is a user-friendly, advanced mobile video surveillance solution that pairs IDIS America’s proven product reliability with a low total cost of ownership, providing the perfect combination of high performance and cost-efficiency,” said Scott Switzer, Chief Executive Officer, IDIS Americas.

“I-Mobile also brings seamless interoperability across systems with peace of mind knowing the system is backed by IDIS’ Ultimate 5-Year Warranty.”  

The system encompasses I-Mobile cameras, 4K Recorders, accessories, and the IDIS Solution Suite modular and scalable Video Management System (VMS).

There are six key benefits of the I-Mobile System: 

  • High-Resolution Video: 4K live video recording with 16 channel capacity. 
  • Plug and Play Installation: IDIS’s automated set of protocols, including Auto IP, multicast DNS, and DNS ensure fast and easy deployment.  
  • Reliability: The proprietary iBankDB multi-media file system ensures stable multi-channel video recording and outstanding search performance. 
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive GUI facilitates easy operation and maintenance. 
  • Scalability: Using the IDIS Solution Suite provides immeasurable possibilities by combining multiple services on a single platform, and integrates seamlessly with existing Transit communication systems 
  • Seamless Compatibility: The system provides robust interoperability across modern and legacy systems with seamless compatibility. We’re backwards compatible and here to make the migration easy.  
  • Optimization: optimized for Transit power environments, ensuring system stability. 

IDIS has been a leader in mobile equipment in North America for over 20 years, and the I-Mobile Transit Video Security Solution leads the way in transforming mobile security for transit and fleet businesses, offering innovative, customer-centric solutions to enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability.

IDIS Americas offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced video solutions and AI-driven technologies for a wide range of security surveillance applications. IDIS Americas leverages the combined strengths and expertise of Costar Technologies and IDIS to deliver a wider selection of products, greater technical innovation, and an even higher level of service than ever before. Visit:

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