Intelligent Buildings Hires Elliott as Smart Building Consultant

Peter Elliot

Intelligent Buildings announced it has hired Peter Elliott as a Smart Building Consultant for the General Services Administration (GSA). In this role, Elliott will utilize his design, development, and engineering expertise to create substantial improvements in performance, wellness, and risk mitigation for clients.

“Peter is that perfect balance between creativity and strategy,” said Greg Hoogerland, president of Intelligent Buildings.

“Peter is already proving to be a valuable addition to our team and we look forward to his ongoing insight and collaboration.”

Elliott’s expertise will support the GSA’s existing goals and drive Smart Building attributes, such as scalability, flexibility, risk mitigation, and long-term cost structure reduction.

He will facilitate the integration and deployment of smart technology and enable the GSA to apply requirements for non-proprietary protocols, infrastructure convergence, data ownership clarity, privacy, and cybersecurity.

“My role at Intelligent Buildings allows me to utilize my diverse skill set in a new way,” said Elliott.

“I have always had a passion for sustainable design, a love of innovation, and a drive for improving customer experience, and I am looking forward to challenging my skills while serving our clients with the highest level of expertise and creativity.”

Elliott has nearly a decade of experience in various facets of engineering processes across a wide spectrum of industries. His experience started primarily in manufacturing environments, moved into mechanical automation, from there to building automation systems, and finally to energy analytics for building automation. Elliott has experience in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, covering lean manufacturing, maritime logistics, pharmaceutical facilities, building and equipment commissioning, and HVAC controls.

In addition to a strong engineering background, he is a designer at heart. This has translated to numerous process and design improvements for almost every product he has experience with.

Before joining the Intelligent Buildings team, Elliott worked as a building systems analyst and a DDC specialist – programmer at CMS Controls. His prior experience includes engineering and automation at Schneider Electric, Commissioning Agents, Inc., Emprise Corporation, Pratt & Whitney, Machinex, and others. Elliott received a degree in mechanical engineering and technology at the University of Dayton.

Prior to the pandemic, Elliott played an active role in his church community in Durham, North Carolina. During quarantine, he turned his focus towards spending time with his family and working on his graphic design portfolio. Elliott enjoys tinkering or designing new things to build. He is an artist with experience in graphic design and 3D modeling, in addition to years of training in painting, drawing, and sculpture. On the technical side of things, Elliott enjoys 3D printing, building things, and tinkering with electronics.

Intelligent Buildings® is the only company focused on Smart Building advisory, assessment, and managed services at scale for both new projects and existing portfolios.


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