Interface Launches AI-based Intelligent Voice-down System

Versatile solution helps to deter a wide range of security threats and performs operational tasks for consumer-facing businesses.

Interface Systems unveiled an intelligent voice-down system designed to automatically detect and discourage loitering and other suspicious activity in the perimeter of a store or restaurant. By utilizing modern AI-based cameras combined with customizable audio messages, auxiliary lighting, and sirens, the new voice-down system detects people and vehicles loitering or acting suspiciously with 99.9% accuracy and warns them of security presence and possible law enforcement action.

Interface’s autonomous voice-down solution

Unlike solutions with a simple binary response, Interface’s autonomous voice-down solution utilizes multi-staged announcement progressions combined with additional visual and audible deterrents offering bespoke responses to suit varied contexts such as vandalism, loitering, dumpster diving, unwarranted drop-offs after business hours, and more. In particular, the system acts as a potent burglary deterrent by targeting persons and vehicles that dwell near doors and other points of entry after hours.

Future product updates will include a direct link to live intervention specialists at Interface Systems’ iSOCs (interactive Security Operation Centers). The system is currently being piloted by top-tier retailers, restaurants, and car washes in several markets.

Available to be deployed covertly or overtly, the solution can function as a standalone system or can be integrated with existing qualified AI-enabled security cameras that may have been already deployed.

“The intelligent voice-down product addresses specific challenges for our multi-location consumer-facing business markets. This is a perfect example of how Interface Systems can rapidly innovate based on customer demand. It’s the unique, customizable multi-stage aspect of this solution that truly sets it apart,”

says Brian Garavuso, Chief Technology Officer, Interface Systems.

The AI-based intelligent voice-down system is versatile and also be used to take on non-security tasks such as providing routine announcements to welcome customers during operating hours or to remind employees of operational procedures.

Interface provides a library of customized audio announcements, but businesses can elect to use their own recordings if desired. The system is also remotely configurable allowing changes to be made at any time without deploying technicians onsite.

Interface Systems is a managed service provider of business security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses. They enhance security, streamline connectivity, optimize operations, and reduce IT costs, maximizing ROI for the nation’s top brands. visit:

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