Interoperability Demo of Dynamic Identity Management Specification Set for GSX 2022

ON TUESDAY, September 13, the exhibit floor at GSX 2022 will host a virtual demonstration of two specifications developed by the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA). 

The PSIA’s Physical Logical Interoperability (PLAI) specification and its Public Key Open Credential (PKOC) specification will be showcased by a number of industry leaders in the access control market. This demonstration will feature eleven partners involved in access control, credential, and biometrics markets, and provide an in-person experience for participants relying on a single trusted source.

Attendees will be able to register in advance on the PSIA site and pick up their access card credential at participating booths around the GSX show floor. After using their cards to access other participating PSIA members’ systems, the attendees will qualify for a chance to win a drawing.

David Bunzel, PSIA Executive Director, noted, “The PSIA recognized that we have an opportunity to provide a real-world demonstration of PLAI and PKOC on the GSX show floor. Having a number of leading access control and biometrics vendors sharing the same identity information, in a virtual environment, truly demonstrates the capabilities of PLAI and PKOC in a commercial setting.”

PSIA had a modest demonstration of the technology at ISC West, but will feature more vendors and technologies in the GSX event.

“We are excited to be part of the PSIA Experience,” said Jan Meiswinkel, CEO of Advancis (parent company of Cruatech),

“as it effectively demonstrates how our Advanced Identity Manager (AIM), which relies on the PLAI specification, is able to superordinate between the individual access control systems and thus enable cross-system data exchange. Many of our customers prefer to be able to align to one trusted source within their security ecosystem. PLAI’s solution provides the answer to this by making a company’s security environment more robust and reliable.”

Security industry professionals attending GSX are able to register online for the PSIA Experience until September 8, 2022. People who cannot register in advance can do so on the show floor, further demonstrating interoperability across multiple sites through PLAI.

The PSIA Experience at GSX is on-trend as industry publication Security Technology Executive declares interoperability “The Next Great Phase of Physical Access Control.” expounds on the predicted demand for PACS interoperability by saying,

“Open protocols, standards and industry-accepted conformant products that focus on unbridled interoperability between manufacturers and vendors will be critical as advanced technology, such as analytics and ancillary devices, enter the realm of physical security and access control.”


At the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, they think security system and device integration should be as simple as the “plug and play” interoperability they take for granted with their computers, laptops, smartphones, televisions, stereo systems and more. Visit:

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