IPVideo Announces New HALO Smart Sensor Release v2.5

IPVideo Halo

Visit IPVideo’s booth #1816 at the GSX trade show in September to see a live demonstration of the new HALO Smart Sensor Release v2.5.

IPVideo announced that it has released new product version 2.5 of the HALO IOT Smart Sensor providing instant Health and Indoor Air Quality readings and alerts. 

The HALO Smart Sensor, the worldwide leader for vape and vape with THC detection is now helping facilities monitor their indoor health and air quality.   As part of the newest v2.5 software release, HALO provides both a real-time air quality and Health Index and sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones.

Critical automated reports

In conjunction with HALO Cloud, the sensor also provides critical automated reports that allow building owners and administrators to demonstrate they are providing a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvements are needed. 

Attendees of the GSX trade show in Orlando, FL will have the opportunity to stop by booth #1816 on September 27th – 29th to view live demonstrations of the new product release.

In a recent survey 73% of building occupants don’t believe their building air is safe.  These occupants are demanding air quality and real-time health results without the controversy and push back.  With new options for calibrated C02 sensors, HALO 2.5 and Health Index provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative for any facility or campus looking for a safe and healthy environment for its staff, students, patients, and tenants.  

Dashboard displaying all air quality and Health Index events

HALO 2.5, in conjunction with HALO Cloud, provides a dashboard displaying all air quality and Health Index events, current and historical, and empowers staff to provide an effective response to any monitoring points.  This reporting capability allows owners and administrators to provide real-time proof of the environment’s health and alleviate concerns of their customers, employees, and communities.

Halo IoT

The new 2.5 features in HALO allow its users to capture comprehensive building awareness with an all-in-one device.  Used for health and safety, HALO is a vape detector, an air quality monitor, and a complete security device for privacy areas where you do not want to use a camera or microphone.   With a single device HALO provides; Building Health Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Vape Detection, THC Detection, Gunshot Detection, Emergency Key Word alerting, Audible alerting, Light/Occupancy alerting, Chemical alerting, VOC alerting, Tamper alerting as well as Temperature, Humidity and Pressure alerting. 

“We have been hearing from building occupants worldwide to provide a better way of validating the health of their facilities throughout the pandemic,” states David Antar President of IPVideo Corporation. 

“With HALO 2.5 and the real-time health and safety index, facilities now have; constant monitoring, immediate alerts, reporting validation and can provide peace of mind to their occupants without the controversy”. 

Real-time comprehensive building safety and health awareness

Capture real-time comprehensive building safety and health awareness with the all-in-one HALO Smart Sensor 2.5and the HALO Cloud Health Index.   To learn more about HALO, visit IPVideo’s booth #1816 at the GSX trade show or visit http://www.ipvideocorp.com.

IPVideo Corporation leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning through the Internet of Things (IoT) products and professional services. A commitment to an open-standards philosophy and delivering best-in-class performance and value underlies all offerings―from physical security solutions to purpose-built HD audio/video recording solutions for education, law enforcement, healthcare, and training purposes to groundbreaking weapons and theft detection systems. 

Source: ipvideocorp.com

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