IPVideo Corp Enhances Mosaic Enterprise VMS And C3fusion Command Center


IPVideo Corporation’s Mosaic Enterprise caters to enterprise-class, multi-building applications, where extreme reliability and fluid performance are critical. Mosaic Enterprise easily supports the latest 4K cameras, streamlines workflows and operator efficiency, and provides advanced investigative tools and sophisticated export tools that make it easy to consolidate relevant video evidence for forensic review.

C3fusion command-center, security management platform now has new features including integration with Punch Alert, which allows authorities to monitor emergencies and tie them with various relevant sensor data, such as video surveillance in closest proximity. This integration provides full situational awareness to first responders allowing them to respond more quickly.

The FCC estimates that 10,000 lives and $92 billion per year can be saved with a one-minute reduction in emergency response times. IPVideo also delivers AVfusion, a network-based AV/recording platform that perfectly synchronizes audio and video recordings from high quality megapixel IP-cameras.

IPVideo Corp also highlights the NomadHD Use-It-Anywhere high performance 2MP IP-camera for security management teams responsible for monitoring multiple, frequently changing locations. IPVideo Corporation offers customers unique, innovative solutions with a variety of options, from multiple, distinct VMS platforms to a fully expanded, multifaceted control environment that bridges security technologies with the growing Internet of Things (IoT).

“We are looking forward to bringing security technology together and educating our customers on how to expect more from their security platforms,” states David Antar, President at IPVideo Corporation. “We welcome the opportunity to help law enforcement, higher education, healthcare and other security professionals take control of a security event with the right collaboration, innovative technology, and communication.”

IPVideo Corporation is an industry pioneer since its introduction of one of the first network-based surveillance recording solutions in 1996, IPVideo Corporation is now at the forefront of developing unique, innovative solutions that harness the power of IP video technology.

Source: ipvideocorp.com

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