ISS Displays Intelligent VMS And Analytics Solutions At GSX 2018

Intelligent Security Systems is demonstrating its newly released SecurOS v.10 Video Management System supported by their powerful suite of native intelligent analytics, along with SecurOS Smart NVR, an all-in-one video management appliance here at GSX 2018 (booth #2151).

ISS’ unique combination of a natively developed VMS platform and portfolio of advanced analytics ensures seamless integration of customized video management and control solutions for a wide range of surveillance and business intelligence applications.

“ISS’ extensive experience in space technology and areas such as neural networks, pattern recognition and robotic control systems provide a foundation for higher levels of integrated physical security solutions. As a result, ISS is in a unique position to deliver new benchmarks in surveillance intelligence versus legacy video manufacturers,” said Cody Flood, Vice President of North American Sales, ISS.

“By seamlessly integrating native analytics with our new SecurOS v.10 VMS platform, ISS provides industry professionals with a more holistic approach to camera management and control, enabling us to provide users with truly innovative and unique solutions for their specific applications, regardless of the assortment and brand of cameras they may be using.”

ISS’ newly released SecurOS v.10 Video Management System features an updated Client and Administrator GUI with new Operator Workstation Profiles to manage large numbers of clients on a unified platform along with new object groups/categories for more intuitive, customized system configuration.

Additional improvements include enhanced remote access, cyber security and native failover operations along with 64-bit processing, H.265 Intel Quick Sync decompression support, and a brand new Evidence Manager to easily export files. SecurOS v.10 is available in five configurations to deliver the perfect balance of functionality and cost-efficiency for every size and level of application.

SecurOS v.10 is also available pre-bundled with ISS’ native analytics for specialized VMS applications, including: SecurOS Auto with license plate recognition (ANPR) and comparative vehicle analysis; SecurOS Face for facial recognition; SecurOS Cargo for cargo container recognition; and SecurOS Tracking Kit which includes a suite of situational awareness detectors such as loitering, crowd detection, object left behind, object counting, etc…

Additional specialized SecurOS v.10 integrated hardware and software solutions include:

SecurOS UVSS for remote under-vehicle surveillance; SecurOS Velox, to detect speeding violations with ANPR; SecurOS Motus with ALPR for law enforcement applications; SecurOS Cargo Terminal for remote visual inspection of cargo containers and control of vehicles which carry them; and SecurOS Crossroad for real-time detection of complex types of traffic violations.

“As cameras and other legacy video surveillance hardware become more commoditized, there will continue to be more emphasis placed on software driven command and control solutions that introduce new levels of intelligence,” continued Mr. Flood.

“We’ve designed our business model to uniquely position ISS as a true provider of intelligent surveillance solutions that provide increased situational awareness, drive higher levels of predictive analysis, and are scalable to accommodate future growth and new trends and technologies as they emerge.”

Adding to the company’s continually growing list of technology partners, ISS has recently joined forces with Intel® to leverage their innovative OpenVino framework for deep learning and computer vision applications.

ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions which are on the forefront of on-demand security, allowing for centralized command and control of an entire enterprise security network.


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