Johnson Controls Offers Cost-effective, Next Generation IP Video Solutions

Holis NVR Cameras

Johnson Controls announces the next generation of its affordable IP video solution anchored by 4-and 8-channel Holis network video recorders (NVRs) and 2MP Illustra Essentials IP cameras.

A reliable surveillance solution for many small and mid-size deployments, the Holis NVRs support up to 1080p resolution cameras at an economical price while offering a high level of video quality. The easy-to-use recorders allow users to search, record, zoom and export data.

The NVRs offer storage of up to 4 and 8 TB of data, respectively. Other features shared by the video recorders include remote monitoring via a web browser, all-channel synchronous playback for quick access to video and HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output for multi-monitor capability.

The IP video solution teamed with the network-based Illustra Essentials 2MP IP Mini-Dome camera with IR, which captures video in a variety of lighting conditions, and 2MP Mini-Bullet, a workhorse camera for the harshest environments.

The cameras have been upgraded to IP67, providing greater protection against everyday elements such as dust and water and offer enhanced H.265 video compression.

Both camera models feature true day/night and wide dynamic range, IR illumination and 3.6mm fixed lens.


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