Legal Cannabis Sales: 5 Video Surveillance Questions

Safety Vision, a leading provider of mobile surveillance technology, provided surveillance expert Clint Bryer to answer a couple of questions about the fledgling cannabis market and the utilization of video surveillance technologies. With 90 percent of theft coming from internal sources, security has become a part of everyday life and is crucial to the safety and profitability of your cannabis business. Bryer breaks down what you are putting at risk when you don’t secure your business properly and how to make it safer for your employees.

1. What is the biggest security issue in the cannabis industry?
When it comes to product, about 10 percent of theft is from external sources, but about 90 percent is from internal sources—employees, drivers, etc.

2. What reasons do cultivators give for not installing mobile video security systems?
It really comes down to educating the client on what mobile video solutions are and what their capabilities are. After a clear understanding most clients are likely to outfit their vehicles with mobile video solutions.

3. What are the most important features to look for in a mobile video security system?
Safety Vision’s video surveillance equipment for cargo vehicles allows owners to track and monitor their shipments.

Hands-free operation where nothing depends on a person to activate it. A turnkey, fully automated system alleviates the potential for human error. It is very important to have live, real-time access to audio and video within the vehicle at anytime the vehicle is in route. Geofencing is also key. Geofencing is the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. Being able to monitor idle time (how long a vehicle is sitting in one place) can be a major benefit as well. It’s important to have this access not only from your computer, but also from a tablet or cell phone.

4. How can I make transporting money or product safer for my business and my drivers?
Cameras have the tendency to induce the Hawthorne Effect. The Hawthorne Effect is the alteration of behavior by a person due to their awareness of being observed. By having cameras on the vehicle, it’s likely that employee theft will reduce greatly. Also, when a potential robber may consider the attack on a vehicle, they are less likely to follow through after noticing video surveillance on that vehicle. Giving the driver access to a covert “Panic Button” that can notify the client immediately in a heist situation could result in a life saved.

5. Apart from catching and averting thieves, what can a mobile video security system bring to my business?
By installing mobile video surveillance you are likely to receive an insurance credit, which will result in additional cost savings. In vehicular accidents, it will protect the client against false claims.


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