Leveraging Physical Security Information Management: PSIM for Greater Retail Success

Leveraging Physical Security Information Management: PSIM for greater retail success

Tyco Retail Solutions Benny Goh, Asia President, Tyco Nowadays, we operate in a global economy where businesses and consumers know no boundaries.

Retailers are increasingly extending their brands beyond the web and existing stores, setting up new stores in new markets around the globe.

This means it is now more critical for the Security & Loss Prevention (LP) departments of global retailers to have stricter compliance regulations and internal mandates, to deploy effective and efficient LP solutions and ensure adequate security measures to protect the safety of their global assets such as property, employees, inventory and shoppers across all locations.

When it comes to a retail store environment, retailers have to deal with data from multiple store systems and devices which they deploy, including EAS, Video Surveillance, Burglar Alarm, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and even more.

Often LP departments are overwhelmed with information-overload resulting in slow response to security incidences and inefficient use of resources leading to increase in security risks, adversely affecting retailers’ assets and profitability.

The problem further intensifies as retailers harness new technologies, security devices, or integrate related security systems such as IT, communications and building management systems.

Retailers need data integration across all their security solutions, giving them full knowledge and an overview of all security activities on a single platform, across all their stores, spanning all locations.

By leveraging Proximex Surveillint, which is based on PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), the PRISM (Physical Retail Information Security Management) platform was specially created with retailers in mind- as an enterprise-class solution that can help retailers connect and correlate information from the existing disparate security systems they are using into actionable nuggets of information.

This gives retailers enterprise-wide control of all security systems on a real-time basis, with built-in protocols to enable swift decision- making and effective response in resolving any security situation at hand.

Source: retailinasia.com

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