Liberty Defense Signs Maryland Stadium Authority, Camden Yards Sports Complex, as a Beta Client

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Liberty Defense announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) to beta test Liberty’s flagship product HEXWAVE™ at the Camden Yards Sports Complex in the City of Baltimore.

The MSA is a unit of the state government that owns and manages the sporting venues at the Camden Yards Sports Complex, which is home to the Baltimore Orioles MLB team and the Baltimore Ravens NFL team.

The Camden Yard Sports Complex has seating capacity for approximately 45,000 and 72,000, respectively. Testing with the MSA is planned to begin in Q1, 2022 at the Camden Yards Sports Complex.

HEXWAVE uses low-power radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect all types of concealed weapons for walkthrough, high throughput people screening that responds to evolving threats and the need for socially distanced contactless security that keeps lines flowing.

It can be used indoor and outdoor as part of a layered defense so that threats can be detected early, at the perimeter of the property or at checkpoints, without compromising the enjoyment of fans.

“One of our key market verticals is sports and entertainment venues, and we are delighted to add Baltimore, home to two premier sports teams at the Camden Yards Sports Complex, to our beta testing program,” says Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

“Testing the system in operational facilities helps to ensure that the system is aligned to market needs, and we look forward to generating customer feedback at beta development sites.”

Beta testing involves testing HEXWAVE in a live environment such as the Camden Yards Sports Complex following the initial Alpha testing that is taking place at Liberty’s Center of Excellence for Engineering in Atlanta, Georgia, and at the new Company headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts. 

“The safety of our guests is paramount, as well as ensuring they have a great experience” said Vernon J. Conaway, Jr., Vice President, Safety and Security, Maryland Stadium Authority.

“We believe this type of threat detection technology is the future of keeping fans safe at events. We are extremely confident in our current threat detection systems, and our participation in this collaboration agreement with HEXWAVE is about testing an emerging threat technology to enhance our existing systems. We look forward to testing this exciting new technology at the Camden Yards Sports Complex.”

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The Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) was established by the Maryland General Assembly 35 years ago to build, manage, and maintain quality facilities to retain Major League Baseball, and return the National Football League to Maryland.

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