Maxxess Offers New HIPAA Audit Solution to Ensure Compliance

Maxxess eFusion HIPAA Audit Solution

Maxxess Systems is introducing a new application for the company’s renowned eFusion Security Management Solution that supports HIPAA audits helping organizations to avoid violations during audits that may result in penalties and hefty fines.  

The HIPAA Audit solution for Maxxess eFusion allows healthcare organizations to control access to several different locations, maintaining highly accurate audit trails and to help provide proof of compliance.

The solution allows users to implement as many applications as they like, including Alarm Management, Video Verification, Elevator Control, Badging, Scheduling, Data Integration, eMobile Cell Phone Control, and more.   

“Most access control providers do not design their security software to specifically support HIPAA audits,” said Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess.

“Thus, organizations are forced to create their own custom configurations and other work-arounds in order to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. By providing a complete solution that not only helps control access to sensitive patient information, but also tracks and reports on access to that information, we help our customers stay in compliance and demonstrate that responsibility to enforcement auditors on demand.”

The HIPAA audit solution includes:

  • Audit Reporting Filter – filter fields include date range, timeframe, etc.
  • Cardholder Audit Report – provides which and when employees are approved access to ePHI areas, visitor access approvals and much more
  • Operator Report – contains information on hardware changes; login/logout and inactivity log out times; authorizer info, etc.

Maxxess is specializing in security management solutions and innovative technologies that are effectively transforming the way businesses approach and implement security.


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