New Passive PoE Module Powers Non-Standard PoE Devices

Transition Networks SESPM

New Module Adds Even More Power Flexibility to Innovative All-in-One Switch

Transition Networks announced a new accessory that adds even more flexibility to its Self-Enclosed Managed Hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch (SESPM). The new Passive PoE Module supports devices that require 24VDC power and do not follow IEEE PoE standards.

The SESPM is an all-in-one solution used to simplify the connection and powering of outdoor devices such as security and surveillance cameras, wireless access points, IoT sensors, and more. Its NEMA 4X/IP-66 rating, ability to provide up to 90 Watts of power on any of its four included IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE ports, compact size, and design inclusive of power supply and surge protection make it a simple solution for connecting and powering a wide range of devices.

With the introduction of the optional 24V Passive PoE Module safely and securely installed inside the SESPM, the switch can now also power devices that require 24VDC and do not follow the IEEE PoE standards. Without this solution, those 24VDC powered devices would require a separate power source externally mounted on the pole or wall, presenting challenges for access, maintenance, and even permitting.

The self-enclosed design of the SESPM reduces the challenges, time, and expense of sourcing, installing, and maintaining equipment from multiple sources traditionally needed in outdoor cabinet applications. The SESPM switching components, power supply, and surge protection have been specifically designed and tested for optimum performance within this compact enclosure.

The SESPM switch’s initial configuration is fast and straightforward, using built-in Near-Field Communications (NFC). The SESPM’s mobile app transfers pre-configured settings to the switch without taking the switch out of its box or powering it up before sending it to the job site. Once installed, using the same mobile app technicians can connect to the switch through wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. BLE allows remote access from the ground for troubleshooting the switch and rebooting connected devices installed in high locations, typically requiring a ladder or scissor lift to access. This can significantly reduce time and expense related to resolving network issues.

“We appreciate the easy installation and intuitive features of the SESPM, as well as the service and technical support provided by Transition Networks,” said Ben Kelley, TKH Security.

“Now, with the Passive PoE Module, in situations where we can’t trench across a parking lot to install fiber, the SESPM can also power radios to backhaul information from the security cameras without having to mount additional external DC power sources for those radios.”

The Self-Enclosed Switch is available in AC, DC, or PoE-Powered (PD) versions to suit the existing power availability at various sites. Also, the DC and PD versions can be powered over composite or hybrid (parallel copper and fiber) cable from a DC power source to extend the network edge over longer distances. The PD version of the SESPM provides even more flexibility by including a 12V Aux port, which provides auxiliary power to a PC, lights, or other devices.

“The Self-Enclosed Switch features and design came from customers sharing the challenges they encountered in setting up a network to support connected devices,” says GlenNiece Kutsch, Senior Product Manager, Transition Networks.

“That’s what led us to add the Passive PoE feature, and now the switch can support even more devices and eliminate many installation and maintenance woes related to procurement, configuration, and costly truck rolls.”

Switch management is provided through command line interface (CLI) or an easy-to-use web interface that allows users to set up, monitor, and control connected devices. Management features include Auto Power Reset (APR), which continuously monitors and automatically restarts connected devices that have stopped responding.

This switch also has power management features for preserving and scheduling power, cable diagnostics for troubleshooting cable fault and connection issues, a tamper detection sensor, and more. The SESPM is TAA and NDAA compliant.

Transition Networks provides edge connectivity solutions to advance intelligent networks globally for enterprises, integrators, service providers, federal agencies, and the military.


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