NEC Expands Team To Focus on DOJ Biometrics and Facial Recognition


NEC Corporation of America (NEC) has appointed Paul DiPietra to its Advanced Recognition Systems Division to serve as the Senior Account Manager for the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Law Enforcement.

DiPietra will be the primary liaison for NEC with the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Courts and other federal agencies that seek to use biometrics to help prevent crime, solve cases and protect public safety.

DiPietra brings a strong commitment to both officer and public safety and a passion for solving complex challenges in support of the law enforcement mission.

“Paul’s experience makes him uniquely qualified for the position,” said Benji Hutchinson, Vice President of Federal Operations at NEC Corporation of America.

“He brings a consultative and cooperative approach to the job, and a strong desire to deliver real value to the law enforcement community.”

DiPietra started his career in the U.S. Navy, where he served in a range of policy and operational roles.

He later transitioned to the federal civil service, first with the U.S. Department of Transportation as a member of the Secretary’s Intelligence Briefing Staff, and later with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Director for International Engagement and a Senior Policy Advisor for Biometric Technology.

After that, he was a consultant to the FBI’s CJIS Global Initiatives Unit, providing biometric subject matter expertise. He went on to lead biometric and digital identity partnership and business development efforts within IBM’s Global Business Services.

“I’m eager to work for a company where I can use my specific set of skills to promote high-quality recognition solutions to law enforcement,” said DiPietra.

“Not only is NEC the leader in identity matching accuracy as evaluated by NIST, but it is also a company that places priority on R&D and leverages advanced AI technology, allowing for the delivery of proven yet innovative front-line solutions to clients.”

NEC has supported federal identification efforts for more than forty years, delivering a variety of biometric solutions to federal law enforcement, visitor management, border and transportation, and defense and intelligence agencies.

The tech NEC provides encompasses the entire security spectrum, from data collection to match identification, enabling the government to easily defend the safety, security and economic interests of the United States.

NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world.


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