New Crane Motion Assist Creates a Revolving Advantage

Crane Motion Assist

Pedestrians of all abilities will find it easier to use manual revolving doors thanks to the new Crane Motion Assist from dormakaba.

In addition, Motion Assist will not impede the architectural vision for a building and is easier to install than competitive products.  

“Motion Assist is a system where a motor responds to force applied by an entering pedestrian as they push on the door,” said Mark Borto, dormakaba Vice President, Sales, Entrance Systems.

“The door stays in motion as long as the pedestrian keeps moving, making it practically touchless. In a world where doors are getting bigger and heavier, this makes manual revolving doors easier to use for a wider range of people.” 

The Crane Motion Assist: 

  • Includes a larger, more robust, more dependable drive box 
  • Delivers torque on demand via a computer-controlled, brushless drive system 
  • Ensures safe and compliant speed control during loss of power from its backup manual gearbox 
  • Allows for easy location and levelling of in-ground drive housing with an innovative adjustable mounting plate 
  • Operates smoothly with minimal wear and noise because of the low friction design 
  • Reduces germ transmission with nearly touchless operation 
  • Improves accessibility for all pedestrians 

Motion Assist’s motorized 360-degree rotation can be retrofitted or installed new. Its simple installation is designed to eliminate callbacks. 

dormakaba is one of the top three companies in the global market for access and security solutions.


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