Safeture Strengthens the European Sales Organization

Magnus Hultman

The employee safety company, Safeture AB, continues to expand its operations rapidly. The recruitment of Marcel Brandt as Senior Sales Manager is part of Safeture’s focus on increasing sales and strengthened the sales organization in the global market.

Safeture is an international SaaS company offering a complete cloud-based platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management. Safeture helps more than 3 500 companies and organizations protect what matters most – their employees.

Safeture is an indispensable tool for companies to handle important localization, information, and communication.

Marcel Brandt has 15 years of experience in developing and marketing early warning, information, and communication systems. In 2005 he started with two German Professors, the development of a Tsunami Warning System on mobile phones.

Over the years, he was responsible for developing and marketing travel risk & crisis management systems, especially for the German tourism and business travel sectors.

He was the General Manager of the German IT company A3M for the last few years with this task.

“I am very proud and looking forward to working with Safeture and the great international sales team. It is my job to help make the Safeture products known in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and I see a great opportunity in this.” Marcel Brandt comments.

“With the recruitment of Marcel Brandt, we get an essential strengthening of sales in the German-speaking countries,” says Magnus Hultman, CEO of Safeture.  “Important for Safeture due to existing and new customers in especially Germany, to have local feets on the ground. “ 

“Marcel is both a great person and has an exciting background with experiences that will be important for Safeture’s continued expansion.” 

Safeture offers a complete cloud-based platform designed to manage employee safety and risk/crisis management. Through world-leading technology and innovative solutions, Safeture helps companies and organizations to protect what matters most – their employees.