New GPS Tracking Solution Offers Protection for ATMs in Financial and Retail Establishments


Automated Teller Machines, ATMs, were introduced around 1967 and since the very beginning, thieves have been finding new ways to steal the cash located inside.

Because ATMs are frequently in isolated locations and are accessible 24 hours a day, they offer a very attractive target to criminals.

To help financial institutions and retail locations protect against ATM crimes, 3SI Security Systems is pleased to introduce the NextGen3 Electronic Satellite Pursuit® (ESP) ATM Tracker™ GPS tracking solution.

This innovative system’s global platform leverages multiple security and tracking applications and will deliver impressive apprehension (up to 70% of cases) and asset return (more than 87%) rates.

By incorporating smart technology, the devices offer wide flexibility in deployment and improved data storage and organization. The ATM Tracker offers a compact profile which makes it easier to install in different ATMs or similar cash dispensing machines.

Other key features of the new product include

• Configurable to trigger on tilt and motion or just tilt;
• Dual internal and external GSM and GPS antennas;
• Input/Output options – to detect a breach of the ATM or activate a siren or strobe;
• RF Beacon – makes apprehension of criminals easier as it pinpoints the location of the tracker;
• Data storage – automatically retrieves data if cell connection is lost, improving reliability of tracking;
• Daily network and battery health check.

Mary Pifer, Vice President, International Marketing & Product Management at 3SI, said “We have a long history of supporting the security needs of financial institutions, so it was logical to introduce a new high-technology version of tracking and security for ATMs. Our ATM Tracker uses ‘smart’ design and technology to substantially increase the chances of catching thieves and successfully recovering the ATM and the assets inside. We partnered with our financial clients to listen to what they wanted – and the NextGen3 products answer these needs: flexible in application, easy to adapt to different machine designs, and a proven success record.”

Financial organizations also use 3SI’s NextGen3 Cash Tracker devices, released earlier this year, which can be deployed to catch thieves targeting cash drawers and safes.

Further products, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the retail jewelry and Law Enforcement industries, will be rolled out in the next few months.


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