New Law Enforcement Interview Room System From Sperry West.

The Sperry West Sperry-Spyder, SWLEF70 Magnum is a quick way to set up an interview room for professional archiving and monitoring. Clear audio is recorded and can also be monitored live through an amplified audio receiver or through the video monitor supplied.

The Magnum system comes with two covert cameras to be selected by the department, 17-inch LCD video monitor, 4 channel, motion sensing, digital video recorder (500GB H.264), high quality snap together cable for rapid set up and amplified audio is included in this law enforcement only system.

It has been found that when a person of interest is being interviewed, they frequently expect or may be told that their conversation is being recorded, if a camera seems to be staring right at them, they often react differently then if the camera is disguised.

While they may even understand the disguise is a camera, it is less intimidating than the traditional camera and lens staring at them. After a short time, they forget about the recording and behave more naturally.

All cameras are high resolution (520 lines) with audio so clear that it is generally easy to understand every word, even the whispers. Normal devices for interview rooms often include a thermostat, passive infrared detector (PIR) or a smoke detector. Two cameras in one room give full coverage of the interview.