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7 “Do’s” for Successful Covert Surveillance

Sperry West has become the industry’s leading manufacturer of covert video surveillance cameras and kits. Their video products are used in some of today’s most recognized facilities. Barry Levine provides seven things you could do for successful covert surveillance. One of the tips is to always do a dry run to make sure everything is working right and that you will be able to identify the perpetrator. Barry also advises you to choose the best camera for the circumstance.

New Video Commander Kits from Sperry West

Video Commander® Kits are now available in all formats, including IP and analog high definition. Built by Sperry West, these portable covert systems make it much easier and quicker to set up successful surveillance. They provide sharp, crisp, clear video of actual crimes, as they are committed. Some Video Commander Kits come with seven different high-resolution covert cameras, all containing built-in motion sensing digital recorder, that can be played on most laptop or desktop computers, using the SD card slot.

New Law Enforcement Interview Room System From Sperry West.

The Sperry West Sperry-Spyder, SWLEF70 Magnum is a quick way to set up an interview room for professional archiving and monitoring. Clear audio is recorded and can also be monitored live through an amplified audio receiver or through the video monitor supplied. The Magnum system comes with two covert cameras to be selected by the department, 17-inch LCD video monitor, 4 channel, motion sensing, digital video recorder (500GB H.264), high quality snap together cable for rapid set up and amplified audio is included in this law enforcement only system.

The Best Season For Crime?

October is the start of the heaviest theft and other crimes season. Most businesses are at risk, retail shows off the latest fashions while electronics, computer and related materials are high on shopping lists, particularly any items that can be quickly re-sold. Between now and the end of the year, inventory levels are at the highest in most industries and stores. What will be stolen most? Just think of the most desirable products, pick up a magazine, or check on-line for the most featured products and you will have the answer.

Covert Camera, No Electric Needed

New from Sperry West is a small suitcase with a hidden camera that operates on internal batteries. Already in use, this unit has been catching thieves in various locations including hotels. Inside the SW3040DW is a miniature video camera and a digital wireless transmission system. The case “sees” through a tiny hole and sends the signal to its dedicated receiver. The security team can then choose to record the video on their own DVR &/or simply add a monitor and view the activity. Also available is the SW3040DVR, which, instead of transmitting the signal, actually records all motion internally.

Sperry West Delivers Covert Surveillance Pinhole Camera

When you need to catch persistent crime and the suspect is very familiar with the area, you may not be able to have anything new that may attract the subjects attention. The solution could be the Sperry West Spyder Pinhole kit, SW2370KITC. This camera is most often placed above a dropped ceiling, with just a very small hole needed in the ceiling.

Did You Catch An Employee Thief? Should You Prosecute?

There are many factors whether you should prosecute an employee after you have caught them red-handed. Although sometimes the decision is not yours, but simply a matter of your organizations policy or your legal teams decision. When that decision is yours to make or yours to convince others, there are many factors to consider. The time involved for you and your team can be very costly, as preparing for trial, the trial itself, and perhaps fighting or preparing an appeal can appear to outweigh the value of prosecution. You must consider what else is on your agenda to establish whether you can afford your time, or others’ time in your organization.