employee theft

Did You Catch An Employee Thief? Should You Prosecute?

There are many factors whether you should prosecute an employee after you have caught them red-handed. Although sometimes the decision is not yours, but simply a matter of your organizations policy or your legal teams decision. When that decision is yours to make or yours to convince others, there are many factors to consider. The time involved for you and your team can be very costly, as preparing for trial, the trial itself, and perhaps fighting or preparing an appeal can appear to outweigh the value of prosecution. You must consider what else is on your agenda to establish whether you can afford your time, or others’ time in your organization.

RESEARCH: Lowering Employee Theft With Video Surveillance Systems

If you want to sell more security camera surveillance and surveillance technology systems to industries with low wages and high worker turnover (think restaurants, Convenience stores, car care centers, and te like), then you simply must show your prospects a case study titled: “Cleaning House: The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and […]