RESEARCH: Lowering Employee Theft With Video Surveillance Systems

If you want to sell more security camera surveillance and surveillance technology systems to industries with low wages and high worker turnover (think restaurants, Convenience stores, car care centers, and te like), then you simply must show your prospects a case study titled: “Cleaning House: The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and Productivity.”

The study was conducted by professors at Washington University, Brigham Young, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These professors studied the impacts of surveillance technology on employee theft and productivity at 392 restaurants in 30 different states. Their findings were eye opening:

Restaurants with theft detection technology saw sales increase a whopping $2,982 per week, per location. Researchers speculate that workers curbed their unethical behavior while focusing on activities that drive increased sales, like more dessert and appetizer sales.

Restaurants with theft detection technology saved about $108 per week, per location from theft reduction.

The research STRONGLY suggests that surveillance has a remarkable impact on employee performance and sales.

With low wage, high employee turnover businesses losing an estimated 1% of gross sales to employee theft and fraud, and profit improvements like those shown in this exhaustive study, selling surveillance technologies is a whole lot easier.

See the research paper here:


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