RESEARCH: Uncooled Thermal Cameras To Grow Significantly

The Security & Fire division of IHS Electronics & Media recently released new research on thermal imaging cameras.

The report, titled “Thermal Imaging Cameras in Security Applications-World-2013” discusses how Un-cooled thermal cameras lend themselves well to the commercial security market. They are able to see in complete darkness, cover wide areas, are not affected by bad weather conditions, or altering light conditions, and are well suited to video analytics. However, high prices have limited thermal cameras market potential. Now that is beginning to change, as prices of un-cooled thermal cameras decline, the technology continues to develop, and the introduction of entry level products opens up new markets in civil security. The un-cooled thermal camera market is forecast to see strong growth in the near future.

This report from IHS aims to provide the most detailed assessment of the world market for thermal imaging cameras in security applications. Learn more about this report at: