Covert Camera, No Electric Needed

Sperry West Suitcase Camera

New from Sperry West is a small suitcase with a hidden camera that operates on internal batteries. Already in use, this unit has been catching thieves in various locations including hotels.

Inside the SW3040DW is a miniature video camera and a digital wireless transmission system.

The case “sees” through a tiny hole and sends the signal to its dedicated receiver. The security team can then choose to record the video on their own DVR &/or simply add a monitor and view the activity.

A rechargeable power pack will operate the system.

Also available is the SW3040DVR, which, instead of transmitting the signal, actually records all motion internally. It comes equipped with a built in SD-DVR and enough power for approximately 72 hours before recharging is needed.

Pictures on both suitcase systems are exceptionally clear, due to the high resolution of the cameras and quality of either the DVR or wireless transmission system.

Sperry West Suitcase Inside

Sperry West is a San Diego manufacturer of covert cameras and video surveillance kits.