nuPSYS’ Milestone-3D-Plugin Show Cased At InterSec 2019


nuPSYS’ 3D visualization is real-time for Milestone customers and prospects’ infrastructure, security and network; with benefits of user experience and command-&-control massively improved.

Visual alarming drastically accelerates: time-to-action, smart infrastructure, integrated view, city-scale to single-pole for public safety and security visualization; including sensor and camera networks, 3D physical visualization with instant alarming, scalable to any public complex, campus, community or city infrastructure.

nuSIM™ is a visual 3D advanced mapping solution that allows Milestone customers and prospects’ assets, cameras, sensors, alarms, partitions and critical points to be accurately plotted onto a 3D mapping surface. nuSIM is scalable, real-time and with seamless 3D mapping indoor and outdoor; such as for stadiums, convention centers, and critical infrastructure.

Milestone customers and prospects’ operators graphically view multi-layer live video overlays within the Milestone video management software (VMS) user interface. An option for a 3D stereoscopic view will also give operators the ability to virtually walk through facilities and guide ground staff more accurately during real-time situation management.

This can provide a better understanding of the physical environment for easier navigation, such as during an emergency exit situation.

Operators can navigate to see cameras and devices using a 3D model of the facility and grounds, providing an added level of detail that can be useful when evaluating incidents and monitoring overall security and public safety.

Key features

  • 3D advanced mapping
  • Integrated 3D view
  • 3D representation of assets, cameras, sensors
  • Generates a real-perspective view for operators – enhances efficiency manifold
  • Interactive and dynamic operations
  • Pragmatic 3D virtual presence
  • Customization dashboard per use case
  • Dashboard provides simultaneous 3D view, streaming view and sensor view
  • CONTEXT AWARE: immersed in the 3D physical environment
  • SCALE: Single light pole (or single smart infrastructure) to a full smart city-scape
  • SPEED: Real-time
  • KPI IMPROVEMENTS: Enhanced efficiencies compared to maps and icons overlay

nuPSYS’ 3D-Avanced Mapping functionality provides system operators with a unique experience for viewing video and managing devices within the Milestone-Canon Video Management System. Operators can navigate to see cameras and sensors using a 3D model of the facility and grounds, providing a unique simple-to-deploy 3D-plugin for Milestone-Canon VMS.

nuPSYS provides a unique and patented Automation & Visualization solution supporting IoT, data center and cell site full lifecycle from design to operations for wired and mobile networks and IoT service providers and enterprises.

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