Online Presentation of Eocortex VMS New Version 4.0

A global developer of Video Management and Video Analytics Software Eocortex is ready to present its new version “Eocortex 4.0 – more powerful than ever!

Eocortex VMS and Analytics are created by the company itself, to make sure all components are designed to work with each other in the most efficient way.

Version 4.0 is a major update of the software, with the focus on the main values for the users – less system load, more features.

What will impress you this time?

  • 10 times faster object search
  • 10 times faster reports generation
  • 8 times lower CPU requirements of Client PC
  • 10 times lower RAM usage
  • Now h.264 stream is processing in the web client directly, additional system load is removed
  • Use 2 times more cameras with Face Recognition on the same hardware

Find out how to reduce surveillance system load significantly to save customer budget and win the project.

Welcome, a new wave of features

  • Improved watermark feature. Secure video footage and know the source of leaked information.
  • The new Fragment Mode features. watch and export specific video fragments as a single clip quickly
  • Another brand-new module. Now you can COUNT different types of objects (people, vehicles, animals)

And that’s not all – Eocortex made a technological breakthrough and switched to a new software database! Get the chance to see first how it all works and how it will make your life easier on November 29 at 9:00 UTC!

Be the first to learn all about the new features of Eocortex 4.0: Tuesday, November 29, at 09:00 UTC

Eocortex is an innovation company on the market of IP video surveillance, exporting to 85 countries around the world. Since its founding, the company has focused on the development of the solutions for IP cameras. visit:

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