Ontic Integrates the WAVR-21 for Assessment of Workplace Violence Risk

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Ontic announced the integration of the WAVR-21 V3 (Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk) into its SaaS-based protective intelligence platform.

The WAVR-21 instrument can be utilized by Ontic’s corporate and higher education clients for risk assessment and management.

“The WAVR-21 co-developers, Drs. Stephen White and Reid Meloy, have drawn on their many years of case consultations to organizations, integrating it with empirical research and violence risk literature to provide a fundamental guide for understanding workplace and campus targeted violence risk,” said Lukas Quanstrom, chief executive officer, Ontic.

“Integrating the WAVR-21 into the Ontic platform is yet another innovation that gives physical security teams what they need to screen, assess, manage and act on threats to their workplaces and campuses to keep people safe.”

The WAVR-21 methodology is designed to improve the quality of threat assessment and case management decision-making through scientifically-grounded assessment technology and improves communication among the multi-disciplinary members of the incident management process.

The extensive WAVR manual is included within the Ontic platform and acts as an educational resource for practitioners at all levels of experience. WAVR-21 consultants are also available to collaborate with Ontic clients on training and the development of operational plans and best practices.

“As long-time providers of threat assessment, case management and team training, we recognized the need for a common, evidence-based instrument and language for analyzing threat cases that inform management strategies,” said Dr. Stephen White, co-developer of the WAVR-21, founder and president of Work Trauma Services.

“Combining our proven methodology with Ontic’s protective intelligence platform creates a comprehensive tool for objectively identifying concerning behaviors early that may lead to the pathway to targeted violence or cause disruption to work and campus environments.”

The WAVR-21 – Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk – is a 21-item coded instrument for the structured assessment of workplace and campus targeted violence risk.

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Source: ontictechnologies.com