Lukas Quanstrom

Ontic Integrates UniCourt Court Data into Protective Intelligence Platform

Ontic announced it has partnered with UniCourt, a leader in Legal Data as a Service that unifies court data for greater accessibility and efficiency, modernizing and eliminating the need for manual legal record retrieval. Ontic clients can now access state and federal court records, including the full Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) criminal, bankruptcy, and civil datasets as part of a comprehensive protective intelligence solution.

Ontic and SIGMA Threat Management Associates Partner for Comprehensive Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Solution

Ontic announced it has entered into a partnership with SIGMA Threat Management Associates, integrating SIGMA’s Workplace Threat Assessment module into the Ontic SaaS-based software platform. SIGMA’s module is designed to help professionals in human resources, corporate security, executive protection, and employee assistance programs to evaluate and address threatening behavior and reduce the risk of workplace violence. Ontic is the first protective intelligence technology platform to unify all critical data and information corporate security professionals need.

Ontic Integrates the WAVR-21 for Assessment of Workplace Violence Risk

Ontic announced the integration of the WAVR-21 V3 into its SaaS-based protective intelligence platform. The WAVR-21 instrument can be utilized by Ontic’s corporate and higher education clients for risk assessment and management. The WAVR-21 methodology is designed to improve the quality of threat assessment and case management decision-making through scientifically-grounded assessment technology and improves communication among the multi-disciplinary members of the incident management process.