Panasonic Unveils Expanded Portfolio Of Video Surveillance Technology And Products


Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA) is bringing its extensive array of leading integrated security and video surveillance capture and recording solutions to ASIS International 2016.

Panasonic solutions showcased at ASIS 2016 included:

The New i-PRO Extreme Platform: Available on Panasonic’s new lineup of cameras, recorders and video management software (VMS) —providing a native end-to-end H.265 system while also delivering demonstrable enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence. Key technology enhancements delivered by i-PRO Extreme include:

  • Extreme Visibility – Intelligent Auto Mode, 144dB Enhanced Super Dynamic Range, Color Night Vision;
  • Extreme Compression – Industry-standard H.265 compression, Smart Coding, Smart Face Coding
  • Extreme Reliability – HD Dynamic Power Control, Auto-Failover, H.264 Backward Compatibility, 5 Year Warranty
  • Extreme Data Security – Secure Communication, FIPS Certified

Panasonic will also showcase some of the new H.265 cameras in the i-PRO Extreme line. Key enhancements include:

  • H.265 Smart Coding (Long GOP, Auto-VIQS, Smart Face Coding)
  • H.264 Compatibility and mixed mode streaming, recording and viewing
  • Auto Image Stabilization
  • Secure Communication
  • Up to 4-Stream simultaneous H.265/264 encoding
  • Enhanced Super Dynamic 144dB at 30fps (depending on model)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity from 0.008 lux to 0.015 in color mode (depending on model)
  • Touchable Rain Wash Coating (outdoor models only)
  • Built in IR LED (up to 130 feet)

Panasonic also be previewed the new WJ-NX400 i-PRO Extreme H.265 Secure System Recorder (available in December 2016), the much anticipated successor of the long standing WJ-ND400 i-PRO recorder. The new WJ-NX400 recorder features H.265/H.264 recording, increased throughput and recording channel capacity as well as an integrated GUI for PC-Less applications enabling a complete Camera/Recorder/Viewing solution without the need for a separate PC client.

Also on preview will be the new WV-ASM300 i-PRO Extreme H.265 Secure Video Management Software application (available in December 2016), a major new update of Panasonic’s popular WV-ASM200 software. The ASM300 is a powerful Windows application that enables a secure, scalable H.265 ready, multi-camera, multi-recorder surveillance management environment and is compatible with Panasonic’s legacy i-PRO line of H.264 cameras, recorders and encoders.

Aero PTZ (WV-SUD638):
On exhibit and now available for delivery is Panasonic’s newest and most durable PTZ camera, the Aero PTZ. Designed for a wide range of extreme environments, the Aero PTZ provides Full HD surveillance images at 60fps and includes a 30x optical zoom lens. The Aero PTZ is ideal for a variety of applications including ports, transit yards, airports, city surveillance, highways or any area or location prone to severe natural weather conditions or other factors that might wreak havoc on the operation and reliability of a typical video surveillance camera. First unveiled at ISC West 2016 earlier this year, the Panasonic Aero PTZ network camera provides reliable and sustainable operation for mission-critical and other applications under severe weather conditions, from rain and snow to extreme temperatures and hurricane force winds. Its highly rugged, 360-degree aerodynamic spherical surface design minimizes drag for heightened mechanical stability in high winds and the camera features built-in image-stabilization capability to maintain crisp images in the presence of mechanical vibration. Aero PTZ incorporates a strong but lightweight fiberglass body enabling the camera to be resistant to salt-air corrosion conforming to ISO14993. Further, the camera’s wide operating temperature and rugged construction means it is resilient in arctic-to-desert climate ranges.

Enhancements to Video Insight VMS:
The latest version of VI’s open-platform video management software VI Monitor version 6 (v6) offers increased functionality and now supports H.265 / HEEVC Streaming for Panasonic and other H.265 cameras. Video Insight v6 is now bundled with VI’s powerful access control solution MonitorCast v3.5, which will also be on exhibit.

Additional new Video Insight Monitor features include:

  • Failover Edge Recording – Automatically upload and manage recorded video from camera via IP Server
  • Support for Intelligent Joystick
  • Panasonic Aero PTZ Integration

Panasonic continues to distribute the Video Insight VMS solution to the systems integrator channel with a bundled camera license for virtually all recent model i-PRO and all Advidia cameras providing wide camera compatibility and an excellent value proposition.


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