Police Say Video Surveillance Helps Solve Crime Spree

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With recent statements by Reno (NV) Police, arguments made by those against the usage of video surveillance —such as the ACLU— should start to understand that overall, video surveillance is indeed making an impact on crime. Many times, those arguments go along the lines that video surveillance does not decrease crime, only helps to arrest criminals. However, if the use of video surveillance is helping to capture, arrest, and prosecute criminal offenders, then that is removing criminals from repeating crimes and causing injury.

Reno Police have recently arrested two people accused of being responsible for several burglaries.

Police say May 25, 2017, six businesses with drive-through windows began getting burglarized in Reno and Sparks. The MO appeared to be the same. The Sparks Police Department released photos of a suspect and vehicle involved.

At the end of May, a Sparks Patrol Officer on patrol stopped a vehicle he believed was involved in the burglaries. He was able to identify two potential suspects. The Regional Crime Suppression Unit and the Reno PD Burglary unit began an investigation into the suspects.

June 7, 2017, 24-year-old Marquez Donaldson of Reno and 21-year-old Nathan Taylor of Sun Valley were arrested for the burglaries. Police say the main reason detectives were able to solve this case was the quality and amount of surveillance video provided by victims and adjacent businesses.

Police say, “We encourage every business to invest in surveillance video and to view their video if a nearby business is burglarized. If you are a victim of a burglary please file your report as soon as possible.”

We continue to see more and more communities and police departments work together in voluntary video surveillance camera registration programs that provide please with quick access to recorded video of particular areas within a community to help investigate acts of crime.

Reno businesses that were recently victimized during this crime spree included Lighthouse Coffee (twice), Starbucks Coffee, Subway, Jimboy’s, and Burger Me.

Source: kolotv.com

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