Provideo NVR Features Expanded Storage Capacity

Provideo NVR features powerful storage capacity

Provideo has recently unveiled its latest NVR system that supports hot swappable external hard-drives to keep surveillance operations alert at all times. Depending on the size of the HDD, the system simultaneously allows a maximum storage capacity of 32 terabytes for 4U or 12 terabytes for 2U. Data storage and service operability become infinite.

Empowered by Provideo surveillance software, the Hot-Swap NVR System is engineered to provide all necessary critical surveillance features in terms of video quality, compression, and recording rate.

Via its network, remote access, and control ability, the Provideo Hot-swap NVR system facilitates both management and maintenance. In addition compatibility with a wide range of Provideo accessories will cater for almost any installation requirements.

Provideo has committed to being a total solution provider in banking applications. Thus, its NVR solutions are designed to provide the integrated functions of access control, alarm system, and broadcasting/listening as well as many other functions that are required in banking surveillance applications.

The Provideo Hot-Swap NVR system is able to fulfill such applications as branch monitoring, automated services surveillance, as well as external ATM secure surveillance.

With this surveillance system construction, the Provideo Hot-Swap NVR works seamlessly with other compatible network video recorder systems, H.264 network IP-cameras, and the software management system CMS for local viewing, provides control in LAN, as well as remote viewing and control via WAN.

This NVR system can reproduce superior video quality with 16ch H.264 compression when live viewing and recording.


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