PSA Announces Partnership with AI Video Analytics Company IRONYUN

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PSA announced the addition of IronYun to its network.

With its VAIDIOTM platform AI-enabled video search and analytics, IronYun brings PSA members an enhanced offering to apply cross-functional AI analytics.

“PSA is excited to bring IronYun into the PSA technology partners group,” said Chris Salazar-Mangrum, PSA’s vice president of technology partners.

“IronYun’s extensive knowledge in AI and video monitoring is evident in its solutions. IronYun’s VAIDIO™ has elevated the capabilities of video monitoring as well as expanded the analytics and data resulting from those searches.”

VAIDIO™ AI Vision Platform

IronYun offers access to its VAIDIO™ AI Vision Platform which provides AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety and operations.

The VAIDIO™ Platform orchestrates multiple fifth-generation AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs across the industry’s broadest array of video analytics.

“The VAIDIO™ AI Vision Platform is differentiated by speed, accuracy, flexibility and its vast array of AI video analytics. To compliment the VAIDIO™ AI Vision Platform, IronYun built extensive search functions for video monitoring allowing the user to quickly sort and examine the results,” said Paul Sun, CEO, IronYun USA. 

Its search filters are expanded to cover everything from vehicle make and models to weapon detection. The high-temperature alert is done with screening without the objects having to stand still to be screened as well as the face mask, distancing and occupancy alerts.”

PSA is the world’s largest systems integrator consortium made up of the most progressive security and audio-visual systems integrators in North America.


IronYun USA is a US company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. IronYun’s Vaidio™ AI Vision Platform works with any IP camera, integrates with 20 market-leading VMS’s, and supports a vast array of next generation AI Vision applications with market leading accuracy.

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