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PSA Announces New Partnership with MAGOS Systems

PSA announced its partnership with Magos Systems, a provider who is reinventing radar. Magos was established in 2008 to realize its co-founders’ vision of bringing advanced radar technology into the security and perimeter protection markets. Magos’ radars have the best-in-class resolution and coverage, offering supreme detection under all weather and lighting conditions even in highly challenging, cluttered environments. Relying on cutting-edge radar technologies such as MIMO, digital beamforming and an unrivalled number of channels, Magos’ radars achieve perfect detection performance for all types of threats.

Calipsa and SureView Integrate False Alarm Reduction with PSIM Platforms

SureView Systems and Calipsa announced the integration of their cloud-based flagship technologies. The integration of Calipsa’s software with SureView’s next-generation physical security information management (PSIM) platform improves the ability of security command centers to manage and respond to video alarm events.

SureView Systems and Calipsa announced the integration of their cloud-based flagship technologies. The integration of Calipsa’s software with SureView’s next-generation physical security information management (PSIM) platform improves the ability of security command centers to manage and respond to video alarm events.

Calipsa’s false alarm reduction software easily integrates with
the SureView PSIM platform and quickly deploys with no on-premises hardware
required. Once a video alarm is triggered on a connected camera, a SureView
server sends video to a Calipsa server, where algorithms look for human and
vehicle movement before returning genuine alarms. Filtering up to 95% of false
alarms significantly reduces the chance of SOC operators missing or being
delayed in their response to an actual event. The filtering process takes about
a second to complete.

Calipsa adds Forensic Video Uploader Tool to its Suite of Advanced Video Analytics

Calipsa has enhanced its video search offering to enable security operation centers to conduct quick and efficient security investigations. The new forensic software, Investigate Uploader, allows users to upload any video file to the Calipsa platform, where its algorithms review the footage for genuine activity before presenting a summary of results. Investigate Uploader sits as a standalone product and joins Calipsa’s existing solutions for false alarm filtering, camera health checks, advanced real-time alerting and forensic video search.

Obsidian Energy Adopts Calipsa’s Intelligent Video Analytics

Calipsa announced Canada’s Obsidian Energy is using its market-leading, deep-learning Calipsa Pro Analytics video platform to reduce false alarms by 95% while providing other benefits to elevate overall security and operational intelligence. Obsidian Energy is a publicly traded oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Obsidian, with almost 250 employees and contractors, is an intermediate-sized company producing around 25,000 barrels of oil daily.

Calipsa’s 2021 Video Monitoring Report Shows Security Industry Growth, Despite Pandemic-Driven Labor Shortages

Despite the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly four in five video security systems-related businesses reported growth in the past 12 months, according to a 23-nation survey conducted by Calipsa, the market-leading provider of deep-learning powered video analytics. Slightly less than half of businesses reported growth in a 2020 report. The Calipsa 2021 Video Monitoring Report is a look inside the industry and its
biggest trends. The second annual report was released as part of the recent Calipsa Masterclass, a virtual event presenting interactive workshops aimed at members of the video security systems industry.

PSA Announces New Partnership with Zenitel

PSA announced its partnership with Zenitel, a provider of intelligent communication solutions and products. This new agreement will provide PSA members and owners an opportunity to work with Zenitel directly. Zenitel intelligent communication solutions have been available to the PSA members and owners through other technology partner agreements and will continue to be available through those partners.

Third Annual Calipsa Masterclass Brings Together Top Video Surveillance Professionals

Learn and share knowledge with hundreds of video surveillance professionals from around the world during the third annual Calipsa Masterclass on Nov. 10, 2021. The free, virtual half-day event includes 12 interactive workshops, including several in Spanish, focusing on the role of artificial intelligence in video verification, event-driven analytics and cloud-based video services. Also on the agenda is the first look at results of the 2021 Calipsa Video Monitoring Survey.

PSA Announces Addition of Viisights to Technology Partner Line Up

PSA announced the addition of viisights to its approved technology partners. viisights adds behavioral recognition systems for real-time video intelligence to the PSA offerings. viisights developed technology that allows video surveillance systems to provide information on what subjects in the captured video feed are doing. Its system analyzes real-time data to determine unique information for behavioral results of objects.

PSA and USAV Expanded Network in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa with TSI APAC Hub Partnership

PSA and USAV announced a new partnership with TSI APAC Hub (TSI), for PSA and USAV. This partnership in Asia Pacific (APAC) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) will increase PSA and USAV outreach to the system integrators and technology partners in APAC and MEA who provide solutions and services in various verticals such as cinema, corporate, education, energy and utilities, government, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation and large venues.

PSA Announces Partnership with AI Video Analytics Company IRONYUN

PSA announced the addition of IronYun to its network. With its VAIDIOTM platform AI-enabled video search and analytics, IronYun brings PSA members an enhanced offering to apply cross-functional AI analytics. IronYun offers access to its VAIDIO AI Vision Platform which provides AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety and operations. The VAIDIO Platform orchestrates multiple fifth-generation AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs.

Calipsa Adds Advanced Real-Time and Forensic Analytic Capabilities to Its False Alarm Reduction Software

Calipsa has further unleashed the power of event-driven video surveillance software to create actionable intelligence for security operations. The new Calipsa Pro Analytics software suite adds four tiers of advanced analytics, incorporating customizable real-time alerts, camera health checks, object tracking and forensic video analysis. Calipsa’s flagship false alarm filtering technology detects the presence of human and vehicular activity in video alarms.

Sage Integration’s Lori Hudnall to Chair PSA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Sage Integration announced Lori Hudnall, director of human resources, will serve a one-year term as chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee at the PSA Security Network, the world’s largest systems integrator consortium. Working with the network’s education team, the CSR committee shares knowledge, fosters collaboration, develops resources and establishes industry best practices for organization members.

Calipsa’s Video False Alarm Reduction Platform Selected By Sirix

Calipsa announced Sirix is using its False Alarm Filtering platform. Calipsa’s artificial intelligence-based analytics reduce false alarms by more than 90%. Quebec-based Sirix offers public and private organizations solutions for remote video monitoring, cloud-hosted access control, remote intercom response, alarm video verification and infrastructure uptime monitoring. Calipsa’s video analytics software is deployed in the Sirix operations center, providing an added layer of intelligence to protect its customer’s sites.

PSA Partners with Computer Networking Company NETGEAR

PSA announced the addition of NETGEAR to its network. NETGEAR will offer PSA a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of highly flexible and scalable network switches that fit every business’ needs. NETGEAR will additionally offer routers, extenders, wireless airbridges and WIFI range extenders to the PSA Network. NETGEAR provides end-to-end networking solutions serving the needs of both consumers and small to medium businesses delivering networking, storage and security solutions.

Calipsa Announces New Business Development Leaders

Calipsa announced the promotion of a regional sales director and the appointment of two business development managers as the company continues its expansion in the Americas. Tara Biglari was promoted to regional sales director, Americas. She joined Calipsa in 2017 as a sales associate in the United Kingdom. Since 2020, she has focused solely on business development in the Americas, forming relationships with leading Latin American industry representative companies.

Calipsa Integrates with Milestone’s XProtect Corporate VMS

Calipsa announced the compatibility of its false alarm reduction platform with Milestone Systems’ XProtect Corporate VMS designed for use by organizations such as airports and train terminals. XProtect Corporate’s enterprise users deploy large numbers of cameras and will benefit from Calipsa’s 90 percent false alarm reduction rate. When XProtect Corporate receives an alarm from a connected camera, it sends video to a Calipsa cloud-based server where algorithms screen for human or vehicle movement.

Farpointe Data Demonstrating OSDP Flexibilities at PSA TEC Conference

Farpointe Data will exhibit how the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) helps system integrators improve interoperability among mobile access control and security products at PSA TEC in Denver, May 3-6. The standard also applies to peripheral devices such as card readers and other devices at secured access doors/gates and their control panels. OSDP importantly offers the option of secured, encrypted communications between reader and controller.

Calipsa Promotes Brian Baker to Chief Revenue Officer

Calipsa has promoted Brian Baker to the newly created role of chief revenue officer for global business development. He was previously Calipsa’s vice president of the Americas, with similar duties for the North American continent. Baker will immediately focus on business development in the U.K., France, Spain and the Americas while identifying other potential global regions for growth. Baker said he is excited about the opportunity to continue growing current markets.

PSA Announces Partnership with Sentry Enterprises

PSA announced the addition of Sentry Enterprises, manufacturer of converged biometric identification solution to its network of partners. Sentry’s expertise is creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. Sentry is driving a new paradigm of converged biometric security, shifting away from relying on legacy forms of identification to the use of biometrically-authenticated identification. Its solutions enable enterprises to take their security to the next level.