PSA Announces Partnership with Intelligent Security Systems

The PSA Network (PSA) announced the addition of Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) to its lineup of technology partners. ISS develops, engineers and deploys custom, high-trust analytics for video intelligence and data awareness solutions. Founded in 1996, ISS is one of the pioneers and leading developers of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven video analytics. With a portfolio of more than 30 different patents and trademarks, ISS has almost 200 developers and engineers developing custom, high-trust analytics to meet the unique requirements of clients across multiple vertical markets.

PSA Announces Partnership with LMN Software

The PSA Network announced the addition of LMN Software Corp. (LMN) to its lineup of technology partners. LMN, the developer of EdgeSentry, offers the security industry the simplest, most cost-effective tool to monitor networks for intrusions, anomalies and failures. LMN Software was founded in 2019 with the mission to provide powerful network monitoring, hardening and active security appliances that any level of technician can install in under an hour.

PSA Announces Partnership with CloudCollect

The PSA Network announced the addition of Cloud Collect to its lineup of technology partners. Cloud Collect simplifies the process for security systems integrators and end-users to embrace the cloud via a hybrid on-premise and cloud model for video surveillance. Cloud Collect follows an on-premise first (OPF) storage model allowing entities to leverage legacy deployed IP Surveillance systems with zero hardware replacement while gradually migrating to cloud storage.

PSA TEC 2023 Brings Thought Leadership and Industry-Leading Education to PSA Security Integrators

PSA the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, today announced that general registration has opened for PSA TEC 2023. Discounted early bird pricing is available until Feb. 27, 2023. Attendees are encouraged to register promptly to secure their seats. PSA TEC will be held May 1-4, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas in Dallas, Texas. This premier education and networking event is exclusive to PSA members. This year’s conference will feature five tracks, 35 sessions, 104 industry speakers and workshops facilitated by industry-leading experts and partner organizations. 

PSA Security Network Welcomes Ben Shour

PSA announced the hiring of industry professional Ben Shour as director of sales Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canada. Shour is responsible for managing PSA’s engagement with integrators in support of their growth and success. In addition, The PSA network added Brian Boucherle as an inside sales account executive, Eastern region. Shour brings more than 25 years of industry experience as a public safety manager, regional sales manager and first responder.

PSA AnnouncesNew Partnership with Landskyai

PSA announced the addition of LandSkyAI to its lineup of technology partners. LandSkyAI provides innovative and reimagined solutions with autonomous robotics to optimize safety, security and inspection processes. LandSkyAI’s solutions add another layer of security and surveillance for businesses while acting as a force multiplier for their operations. It will expand the capabilities of standard video systems by providing a new stream of data that can be fully integrated into their video platforms. LandSkyAI can integrate with existing security sensors to create a truly automated security package.

PSA Announces New Partnership with Geutebrück

PSA announced the addition of Geutebrück to its lineup of technology partners. Geutebrück is an international provider of intelligent and user-friendly video security software solutions and the associated hardware. Geutebrück was founded in Germany in 1970 and now provides solutions and hardware to over 70 countries. Its solutions address five main areas of security: protection, identification, location, management, and documentation.

PSA Announces New Partnership with MAGOS Systems

PSA announced its partnership with Magos Systems, a provider who is reinventing radar. Magos was established in 2008 to realize its co-founders’ vision of bringing advanced radar technology into the security and perimeter protection markets. Magos’ radars have the best-in-class resolution and coverage, offering supreme detection under all weather and lighting conditions even in highly challenging, cluttered environments. Relying on cutting-edge radar technologies such as MIMO, digital beamforming and an unrivalled number of channels, Magos’ radars achieve perfect detection performance for all types of threats.

PSA Announces Addition of Viisights to Technology Partner Line Up

PSA announced the addition of viisights to its approved technology partners. viisights adds behavioral recognition systems for real-time video intelligence to the PSA offerings. viisights developed technology that allows video surveillance systems to provide information on what subjects in the captured video feed are doing. Its system analyzes real-time data to determine unique information for behavioral results of objects.

PSA and USAV Expanded Network in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa with TSI APAC Hub Partnership

PSA and USAV announced a new partnership with TSI APAC Hub (TSI), for PSA and USAV. This partnership in Asia Pacific (APAC) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) will increase PSA and USAV outreach to the system integrators and technology partners in APAC and MEA who provide solutions and services in various verticals such as cinema, corporate, education, energy and utilities, government, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation and large venues.

Sage Integration’s Lori Hudnall to Chair PSA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Sage Integration announced Lori Hudnall, director of human resources, will serve a one-year term as chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee at the PSA Security Network, the world’s largest systems integrator consortium. Working with the network’s education team, the CSR committee shares knowledge, fosters collaboration, develops resources and establishes industry best practices for organization members.

PSA Partners with Computer Networking Company NETGEAR

PSA announced the addition of NETGEAR to its network. NETGEAR will offer PSA a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of highly flexible and scalable network switches that fit every business’ needs. NETGEAR will additionally offer routers, extenders, wireless airbridges and WIFI range extenders to the PSA Network. NETGEAR provides end-to-end networking solutions serving the needs of both consumers and small to medium businesses delivering networking, storage and security solutions.

PSA Announces Partnership with Sentry Enterprises

PSA announced the addition of Sentry Enterprises, manufacturer of converged biometric identification solution to its network of partners. Sentry’s expertise is creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. Sentry is driving a new paradigm of converged biometric security, shifting away from relying on legacy forms of identification to the use of biometrically-authenticated identification. Its solutions enable enterprises to take their security to the next level.

PSA Partners with EAGL Technology for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of EAGL Technology to its Managed Security Service Provider Program. EAGL is a manufacturer of IoT wireless gunshot sensors as well as sensors that can detect vape, car collisions, flood waters and critical infrastructure failures. EAGL was initially developed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and is now deployed globally in airports, schools, C-suites, commercial offices, convention centers, bus stations and inner cities worldwide.

PSA Announces Partnership with Dedrone for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of Dedrone to its Managed Security Service Provider Program. Dedrone is the market leader in airspace security. Drone technology has advanced tremendously, aiding in surveying, disaster relief, delivery, and a myriad of business and consumer applications. However, in the wrong hands, a drone’s accessibility, capabilities, and ease of flying makes it especially suitable for hacking, surveillance, and terrorism. Dedrone protects organizations by securing the airspace using sensors and software technology.

PSA Names Matt Barnette as Chief Executive Officer upon Retirement of Bill Bozeman

PSA announced the appointment of Matt Barnette as its next Chief Executive Officer; PSA’s current CEO, Bill Bozeman, plans to retire from the organization in 2021. Barnette most recently served as Vice President of Physical Access Control Solutions North America Business Unit for HID Global and previously held the role of President at Mercury Security. Barnette is a seasoned veteran in the physical security industry with over 30 years of experience in management and executive roles.

PSA Security Network Becomes a CIS Secure Suite Member

PSA announced that it has become a CIS SecureSuite® member. Through this membership, PSA is further bolstering its cybersecurity defenses by leveraging CIS SecureSuite resources. The CIS Benchmarks, the consensus-based, internationally recognized security configuration resources, CIS-CAT Pro, and the CIS Controls®, a set of cyber practices developed by global experts, all help to protect an organization against pervasive and dangerous cyber-attacks.

PSA Announces Partnership with QUMULEX for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of Qumulex. Qumulex offers a cloud-based, unified access control and video surveillance solution for physical security integrators that serve commercial markets. Qumulex’s video management and access control system is browser-based, using a mobile-first, modern progressive web app that runs on any device with a browser. The Qumulex open platform assures maximum flexibility for security integrators to choose best of breed cameras, door controllers, switches, analytics, and cloud integrations.