Boaz Raz

EAGL Technology Partners with viisights for Deployment of Innovative Preemptive Violence Detection System

viisights and EAGL Technology have partnered to create and deploy unique and comprehensive video understanding technology designed to detect armed persons and provide real-time early alerts. By combining viisights AI-powered behavior recognition video analytics with EAGL gunshot detection and alert systems, customers will benefit from the ability to identify and detect a potential active-shooter scenario in real-time to help security and law enforcement personnel to proactively prevent events from happening or escalating.

PSA Partners with EAGL Technology for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of EAGL Technology to its Managed Security Service Provider Program. EAGL is a manufacturer of IoT wireless gunshot sensors as well as sensors that can detect vape, car collisions, flood waters and critical infrastructure failures. EAGL was initially developed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and is now deployed globally in airports, schools, C-suites, commercial offices, convention centers, bus stations and inner cities worldwide.