Tim Brooks

PSA Security Network Welcomes Ben Shour

PSA announced the hiring of industry professional Ben Shour as director of sales Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canada. Shour is responsible for managing PSA’s engagement with integrators in support of their growth and success. In addition, The PSA network added Brian Boucherle as an inside sales account executive, Eastern region. Shour brings more than 25 years of industry experience as a public safety manager, regional sales manager and first responder.

PSA Partners with Computer Networking Company NETGEAR

PSA announced the addition of NETGEAR to its network. NETGEAR will offer PSA a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of highly flexible and scalable network switches that fit every business’ needs. NETGEAR will additionally offer routers, extenders, wireless airbridges and WIFI range extenders to the PSA Network. NETGEAR provides end-to-end networking solutions serving the needs of both consumers and small to medium businesses delivering networking, storage and security solutions.

PSA Announces Partnership with Sentry Enterprises

PSA announced the addition of Sentry Enterprises, manufacturer of converged biometric identification solution to its network of partners. Sentry’s expertise is creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. Sentry is driving a new paradigm of converged biometric security, shifting away from relying on legacy forms of identification to the use of biometrically-authenticated identification. Its solutions enable enterprises to take their security to the next level.

PSA Partners with EAGL Technology for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of EAGL Technology to its Managed Security Service Provider Program. EAGL is a manufacturer of IoT wireless gunshot sensors as well as sensors that can detect vape, car collisions, flood waters and critical infrastructure failures. EAGL was initially developed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and is now deployed globally in airports, schools, C-suites, commercial offices, convention centers, bus stations and inner cities worldwide.

PSA Announces Partnership with Dedrone for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of Dedrone to its Managed Security Service Provider Program. Dedrone is the market leader in airspace security. Drone technology has advanced tremendously, aiding in surveying, disaster relief, delivery, and a myriad of business and consumer applications. However, in the wrong hands, a drone’s accessibility, capabilities, and ease of flying makes it especially suitable for hacking, surveillance, and terrorism. Dedrone protects organizations by securing the airspace using sensors and software technology.

PSA Announces Partnership with QUMULEX for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of Qumulex. Qumulex offers a cloud-based, unified access control and video surveillance solution for physical security integrators that serve commercial markets. Qumulex’s video management and access control system is browser-based, using a mobile-first, modern progressive web app that runs on any device with a browser. The Qumulex open platform assures maximum flexibility for security integrators to choose best of breed cameras, door controllers, switches, analytics, and cloud integrations.

PSA Announces Partnership with Proactive Data Storage & Monitoring, Inc.

PSA announced the addition of ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring Inc., to its Managed Security Service Provider Program (MSSP). ProActive offers both local and cloud video storage through its patented file reduction solution for surveillance video storage along with system health monitoring. ProActive creates affordable video solutions for the entire marketplace by turning video files into small compressed data files.

PSA Announces Partnership with IP Technology Labs

PSA announced the addition of IP Technology Labs to its network of partners. IP Technology Labs designs network solutions that eliminate network threats from spoofing, snooping, backdoors and lower costs with increased reliability for site-to-site remote access connectivity. Their easy-to-deploy appliances deliver verifiable end-to-end secure connectivity over any internet access without P2P while providing endpoint network access control and multi-factor protection.

PSA Announces Partnership With Alcatraz Developer of Secure Touchless Access Control Products

PSA announced the addition of Alcatraz to its network of partners. Alcatraz delivers facial authentication and mask enforcement solutions to enterprise businesses.  Alcatraz offers a frictionless and secure physical access control technology that works with any access control system. It replaces or augments badging as a credential with facial recognition, 3D sensing, and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and touchless entry into physical locations.

PSA Announces STEPS Program Partnership Powered by bSMART Entry Assessment

PSA announced the addition of the STEPS program to its network to assist in bringing people back to work during the COVID-19 Pandemic. STEPS, powered by bSMART Entry Assessment, produces a straightforward plan that can be operationally effective in two to 30 days. The bSMART Entry Assessment program is designed to provide businesses confidence that they are meeting the needs of staff and customers while simultaneously mitigating business liability.

PSA Announces Partnership with Tyco Cloud for Managed Security Service Provider Program

PSA announced the addition of Tyco Cloud to its Managed Security Service Provider Program (MSSP). Tyco Cloud is a cloud-based physical security management suite from Johnson Controls developed for video surveillance, access control, intelligence, and integration services on an open and modern microservices architecture. Tyco Cloud provides the cost efficiency of software as a service with the simplicity of secure cloud connected hardware.

PSA Announces Partnership with Mobile Pro Systems

PSA announced the addition of Mobile Pro Systems to its network. Mobile Pro Systems offers a family of different network/IP based mobile video surveillance systems. By combining Mobile Pro Systems’ power-based hybrid platforms and various technologies together, they offer extremely effective products. Mobile Pro Systems utilizes network-based video cameras, video management and recording systems, wireless mesh, cellular communications, solar power and video analytics.

PSA Announces Partnership with Videox Appliance Manufacturer Arxys

PSA announced the addition of Arxys to its network. Arxys solves complex industry application challenges by leveraging a deep understanding of the complete environment to create a purpose-built, highly optimized appliance solution. By combining storage, compute, networking and virtualization on commodity hardware, Arxys orchestrates the complexity of disparate systems into a synthesized solution.

PSA Announces All-Encompassing Education Track Lineup for 2019 ISC West

Providing Sessions For the Entire Business Structure with Topics on Leadership, RMR, Marketing and Cybersecurity During 2019 ISC West. PSA announced it will host an education track with sessions during ISC West in Las Vegas, NV on April 9-11, 2019. The PSA education track will be held exclusively on Tuesday, April 9. Members of PSA Committees, PSA executive leadership team, and other industry experts will lead the six sessions that are included in the PSA Track.