PSA Partners with EAGL Technology for Managed Security Service Provider Program

Gunshot detection

PSA announced the addition of EAGL Technology to its Managed Security Service Provider Program (MSSP). EAGL is a manufacturer of indoor/outdoor IoT wireless gunshot sensors as well as sensors that can detect vape, car collisions, flood waters and critical infrastructure failures.

EAGL was initially developed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and is now deployed globally in airports, schools, C-suites, commercial offices, convention centers, bus stations and inner cities worldwide. Its product portfolio contains deployment for a variety of industries and venues.

“EAGL produces solutions that address today’s real-world security concerns,” said Tim Brooks, PSA’s vice president of sales and vendor management.

“Its solutions are designed to quickly identify an active shooter threat.  We are pleased to add EAGL to our lineup of products.”

“The PSA Network is an ideal partner for EAGL to offer the IoT sensor technology to its partners to reach the customers most affected by gun violence and an active shooter threat,” said Boaz Raz, CEO of EAGL.

“The rapid detection and emergency notification capabilities increase citizen and first responder survivability and can also assist law enforcement and first responders in identifying a threat much earlier in the timeline.”

The EAGL system can integrate with almost any building security system. Its wireless gunshot sensors detect gunfire and activate within seconds of shots fired. EAGL will then notify law enforcement of the active shooter threat with a map of the building showing the location of the shooter and ballistic data of the weapon being used.

PSA’s MSSP program hinges on uniting industry-leading partners in cybersecurity and cloud-based security solutions, offering training and certification opportunities and financing options with assistance from PSA.


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