EAGL Technology Partners with viisights for Deployment of Innovative Preemptive Violence Detection System

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viisights and EAGL Technology have partnered to create and deploy unique and comprehensive video understanding technology designed to detect armed persons and provide real-time early alerts.

By combining viisights AI-powered behavior recognition video analytics with EAGL gunshot detection and alert systems, customers will benefit from the ability to identify and detect a potential active-shooter scenario in real-time to help security and law enforcement personnel to proactively prevent events from happening or escalating. 

“EAGL Technology’s focus on detecting and responding to active shooter events is a perfect complement to our behavioral recognition video analytics,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO of viisights.

“Combining viisights’ predictive analysis with EAGL’s comprehensive response integrations will deliver powerful preventive security capabilities with the goal of helping stop incidents before they happen.” 

“EAGL’s unique patented detection and response technologies are proven to be highly effective in active shooter incidents,” said Boaz Raz, CEO/President of EAGL Technology. “Because every second matters in these situations, adding and deploying viisights behavioral recognition video analytics will provide our customers additional benefits faster – helping responders to minimize harm or to prevent it altogether.”

viisights’ behavioral recognition video analytics are ideal for a wide range of physical security and business intelligence applications. In particular, viisights analytics can detect indicators of a weapon in hand, triggering an automated alarm or raising an alert for further human review.

When integrated with the new, highly innovative and forward thinking EAGL 4.0 Emergency Management System, the open API system can be configured to match the customer needs with a comprehensive range of adaptive response actions that autonomously provide E-911 dispatch notifications, building or area mapping, door lockdowns, camera streaming, PA system activations and many other autonomous or activated countermeasures that can harden soft target areas as well as provide up to date information to responding agencies when a potential threat is detected. 

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viisights’ mission is to leverage artificial intelligence technologies that facilitate human-like pattern prediction to create fully autonomous video intelligence systems.viisights harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to bring behavioral recognition to video surveillance and practically to every video stream. Visit https://www.viisights.com

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